I clicked “Publish” anyway.

I sat behind my laptop,for over five hours a year ago, trying to figure out the WordPress website.My big sister encouraged me to start a blog because often my captions on Facebook and Instagram were lengthy.A few other people unknowingly bolstered me to create a blog.I also had the urge to document and share my Year Abroad experience.

There was a battle in my mind.



“Who will read your blog at all?”

“Can you be consistent with your posts?”

“Girl!! You don’t speak or write impeccable English ”

“You will give up on blogging soon.”

“Are you not just copying your big sister?”


I purposed in my heart to start anyway.

After hours of brainstorming,I put my thoughts together,proofread more than 10 times,without any confidence,I clicked on “Publish.” I shut down my computer and jumped into bed for the fear of the unknown. I was afraid no one would read my blog,my phone kept beeping the whole night.

People were actually reading my blog and sharing it with others.Deep down,I was glad I took the step. Little Esasina was my first blog post and I received genuine warmth and honest feedback from my readers. I was uplifted and decided to make it up to my new family.


The life you save will change yours!.jpg

Photo credit: PhotoAnaaf




I’m not the world’s most interesting person but I am glad I have people from all over the world,in at least every continent reading my blog.It is humbling.

On many days,I don’t know what to type and I am not brave enough to share my posts via Whatsapp because I feel it is not good enough.Fortunately,these days,I share my blog with as many people as I can and I no more share my posts on just Twitter,Facebook and Instagram. I recently emailed my blog’s link to my lecturer and he was thrilled.

I like that,my blog is where I share what’s on my mind without any interruption and it is building up my confidence one day at a time.




Photo credit : Kafui Praise Photography



My readers!!!!

Thank you for sticking around and being the fuel on which my blog runs.

You send the most tremendous emails and leave uplifting comments every time.

For all the people who have walked up to me to say “I read your blog!”,you literally make my day every time.

I love you all so much and thank you for staying with me on this journey,you are keepers.

11,650 views from 74 countries in 365 days is worth celebrating.I will eat cake on our behalf..lol.

Happy birthday to us!

Special shout out to my readers in Bahamas,Iraq,Liberia,Montenegro,Namibia,New Zealand,Seychelles,Slovakia.I hope to see you someday.

To Ghana,United States,United Kingdom,European Union,France and Russia,you are my top six highest viewers.I appreciate you all.

me d) wo.

je vous aime.

I love you.

Я люблю тебя


for being the reason I write and click _Publish_




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