There were days I was triggered by the simple question,‘Where are you working now?’
Most of my friends and colleagues were working in amazing companies but here I was, on day 55 of staying at home and trying to figure life out.

Kwor, don’t compare yourself to your friends.
I know these are tough times but you will be fine.
There are better days ahead.
Just keep trusting God.

Eventually I landed part- time roles in two different companies and I enjoyed the experience although these were transitory jobs, I was paid a decent salary every month.
I knew what God had promised to bring my way, but I struggled daily to wait and trust Him during this journey.
There were days I cried my eyes out.
There were nights of unending prayers.
To be honest, this journey truly tested my faith in God.

Keep trusting God till when?
I hate how uncomfortable I get when I am asked the question “What work do you do?”
I am always spending wisely and avoiding extravagant expenses: having to choose between trotro or Uber, eating at home or buying a local snack, I had to prioritise and spend wisely always.

Every single day, I hoped for at least an email reply to the countless job applications I had submitted.
Everyday, I checked my mail, maybe they had replied but, it was in the spam folder.
Every single day, I tried to keep hope alive,
Everyday, I saw the worry in my Mummy’s eyes.
Every single day, I reminded myself that this period of waiting was a season that had a purpose.
Everyday, The Holy Spirit whispered, “There is more, it will all make sense soon …”

I am the side-hustle type of girl, always looking to use my skills and working multiple jobs.
I did not want just any job, someone would say, « a beggar with a choice, »
Nope! I was just a young lady who knew what she wanted even though she was not fully employed in any company.

I wanted a job description that matched my skill set,
A role that I would enjoy but not endure,
A work environment built on teamwork,
I wanted a challenging role that would give me room to learn, make mistakes and become better.

I had had a few successful job interviews and was offered employment but, I declined those offers.
They were really not for me.

Oh! And the devil really played on my mind.

You are unemployed and are rejecting job offers because?
Who are you?
You don’t want a decent job and salary?
Are you sure this is not what God promise
d you?

In February during an all night Church service, I heard God clearly minister these words to me
‘Esasina, I, the Creator of the Universe says, Give me a few months.
Do not give up , build up your most holy faith now.’

God had spoken to me in dreams, visions and through His Word. Almost every week, someone would send a message of encouragement regarding my job search and how God was going to bring an amazing job my way.
There were many of prophecies and dreams regarding my career.
This preparation period was uncomfortable but necessary
In my waiting God was working, even when my faith was waivering…

March went by…

On Monday 27th April,2020, I shared my unemployment journey update here.
I received a lot of emails, DMs and messages of encouragement from strangers, friends and my social media tribe. Many people shared their job search testimonies and struggles with me, some prayed with me, others recommended job hunting sites and shared job vacancies with me.
Don’t doubt the power of community and social media, a lot of amazing things happen here.

I applied for all the forwarded job vacancies I found interesting that were shared with me that day via my Instagram DM.
That evening, I received an email asking me to join a video call job interview.

I was excited but then again,
Kwor, cool down, it is just the first stage! 
I shared the news with a few friends and family.
After the video call interview, I received another email.

I was to attend an in-person interview at the company’s office the next day.
It was not an easy interview but I tried my best and answered all questions to the best of my ability.

I was called back into the office.

Please have a seat.
Congratulations! You impressed us during the interview.

You have got the job!

For five seconds, I could not hear anything the CEO was saying.
Wait, did she just say I got the job?

I fought back the tears of joy welling up in my eyes.
God I see you and how You used one Instagram dm to turn things around.
Thank you God.

After 9 months / 274 days of staying at home and juggling part-time job roles,
God chose to make a way for me, during this Corona pandemic when companies are shutting down and laying people off.
INDEED, GOD is not a man that He should lie!
Though it tarried for 9 months, I waited for God’s best and He has really given me the job of my dreams.
I pray for the strength to do my best.

A job with favourable working hours, amazing work colleagues, interesting projects, great salary and benefits.

To the glory of God, this is my testimony, I have the job I prayed for!

No matter how long it takes for God’s promises to manifest, I pray that you will find the strength to trust in God and wait for Him regardless.
For He is faithful!

My heart goes out to anyone who is currently unemployed and is believing God for a miracle, I pray that God will encourage you and strengthen you while you wait.
Don’t give up, God is working it all out for your good.

Thank you to everyone who said a prayer for me, encouraged me, sent me job vacancies, checked up on me during my season of waiting.
I really appreciate you all.
A big THANK YOU to my Church, Zion Impact Ministries, you have all been a massive pillar of support to me.
Thank you Apostle Kingsley and all the pastors, ordained ministers and members in general.
God bless you.

Play Travis Greene’s While I’m Waiting ( featuring Chandler Moore).

After 9 months of waiting, I got my dream job.

PS. I am not pregnant yet, this was from a model photoshoot for Esowba Clothing’s New Dawn Collection.
It’s been three weeks since I started working full-time in this company and I am excited about what the future holds.
God turned my mourning into dancing…

Esasina xoxo.

92 thoughts on “9 months of waiting…

  1. May His name be praised always. Congratulations Miss. I’m genuinely excited for you for reasons I can’t even explain. This wait is long and exhausting. I could relate to each line of your wait. This has been such an encouraging read. We will not Give Up. We will wait on Jehovah’s own time.
    Thank you

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  2. “While I’m waiting, I’m getting stronger, my faith is rising and I’ll run on. While I’m waiting, I’m lifting up on wings as eagles, I believe I will live, I will trust in Him”. God is faithful and His intentions are true. Congratulations on your new job Kwor… inspired!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What stands out to me most is your boldness to turn down what you knew wasn’t what God had for you, even though you still had no job. His best is worth the wait. God’s Word is always true. Congrats, Sina; never settle for less 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great testimony Padi. God is indeed faithful. God bless you for not giving up faith and being an example of God’s goodness. You are such an inspiration

    Liked by 1 person

  5. First of all, I’ll like to say a big Congrats to you Esasina on your new role. When I read the headline, I thought it was going to be about childbirth but wow the turnaround.
    This is a real testimony indeed, I too am currently trying to settle in with the job of my dreams and I’m a little unsure of any action this moment but I know God will show up real good! Thanks for sharing, more blessings and blessings.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m in tears Kwor! I’ve been in the same situation for so long and I can totally relate! Our God is indeed a prayer answering God. All the best in your new role. And thank you for sharing. I’m totally encouraged to keep trusting and waiting

    Liked by 1 person

  7. There’s a lot of points to be learned from this post. Especially for people who find themselves in similar positions. Thanks for encouraging us and congratulations on your new role!! Cheers


  8. I was just thinking about you two days ago because I hadn’t been seeing your frequent instastories especially your workout routines. I wanted to dm you but we’re just acquaintances and I thought that’ll be intrusive. I am so glad this is the reason. Have fun and be your best self.


    • Awww K! Please next time, DM me okay?
      Yes, I started work three weeks ago and was getting used to the new rhythm. You will see more stories now that I have let the cat out of the bag.
      Thank you for reading.xoxo


  9. Do you remember when I told you when God moves He will literally blow your mind? See when God wants to do something eeehhh, His aim is to ensure you have no doubt it was 100% Him.

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  10. I am reading this at 5:09AM UK time and I am so excited for you and in tears of Joy my dear Esasina. Wow. Finally, God thank you for this testimony. Thank you for sharing this journey with the world. You should see my face now🥰😊😱💃🏽😆🥳❤️Stay blessed🙏🏽🙌🏾

    Liked by 1 person

    • Finally! The 9 months of waiting has come to an end. God is faithful, we are just impatient sometimes but we are learning to trust Hi through it all. Awww Nimat! I really love and appreciate you. God bless you.xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  11. This is so encouraging. Thank you for sharing! I am currently in that waiting space for a fulltime job and I resonate with many of your expressed sentiments and thoughts (I was even wondering if I was reading my own blog post 😂) My faith has definitely increased during this waiting period and I know God’s promises to me will come to pass. This post was just confirmation! Thank you Lord and God bless you Esasina!

    Liked by 1 person

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