After national service…

Hi everyone, I have been quiet for  some months here however, I am back after this long period of silence. I was going through a phase I did not want to talk about but thankfully I seeing things differently so I am here to share my journey with you. I wish I could send out [...]

What to do in Accra on Friday night.

Hello Everyone! Today's post is quickly to share with you a few activities you can do during your leisure time( alone or in a group) on a Friday night in Accra. If there is one thing I don't enjoy,it is the early morning and after work rush hour traffic so I look forward to every [...]

Give it a shot !

Hello Everyone! I hope you are doing well. I have actually missed you all. Happy African Union to all Africans here on my blog. Today I am giving a big shoutout to my readers in Ghana, United Kingdom, South Africa, France, Hong Kong and Nigeria. I've had the most readers from these countries this month [...]

It wasn’t even on my basket list (Part 2)

Hello there,today's post is a continuation of this post.  'You're next" he mouthed while motioning for me to get ready.I reluctantly walked up to JJ and his other team member, they strapped me up in the abseiling gear, helped me put on my helmet and my hand gloves.My palms suddenly were sweating as I took [...]

It wasn’t even on my bucket list (Part 1).

A few months ago, I did something I never thought I would do.It was not even on my bucket list!Never in my wildest dreams. Today, we're going on a journey.Stay with me as we take our first few steps, are you ready? OKAY! Let's do this!! In November, everyone at work received this email "Bring [...]

#My2018 – Esasina P. Kodjo

When Ozy of asked me to join #MY2018STORY, I readily agreed because I wanted to inspire others with my journey. 2018 has been a year of many downs and ups.I had a lot of plans,thankfully majority of them were realised through sweat,tears,smiles and a lot of prayers. God came through for me every single [...]