Is it your name?

Hi there!

I hope your day has been good so far.

Thank you all so much for the love during my one year bloggerniversary.



“Hi,my name is David.You are?”

“My name is Esasina.”



“Ei,please this your name di33 repeat it.”

“My name is Esasina….Esa-si-na”

“Oh okay,this your name I can’t pronounce it oo.”

I smile and slowly say,”My full name is Esasina Padikwor Kodjo, pick whichever you want,Esasina or Padikwor.”

“Ermmm don’t you have an English name?”

“No I don’t”

“Ei,most local!”

“I am Ghanaian so I think it is just great that I have a Ghanaian name rather than an English name.”

“But the name you mentioned Esta-tina Pab-bi-ko is so difficult to pronounce.”

“Well,that is my name David.”


I am tired of hearing my name mispronounced and wondering why so many people think I should have an English name because it is easier to pronounce.Do you think a couple in Europe would name their child “Ama Asieduwaa” just out of the blue? It is about  time we become proud of our culture and our local names.

Names have meanings,parents please endeavor to know the meaning of the names you christen your children with.



“Oh so can I call you Padi?”

“No please,I prefer these shortened forms of my name: Kwor or Sina.”

“But as for shortening of names there is no rule oo Padiks kraa is an option.”

I just walked away from this gentleman.


I don’t understand how someone you just met would want to change your name,call you what you are not and wonder why you have a problem with their suggestion.

Please,is it your name?



When I was in primary school,I was not proud of my first name. I felt it did not sound foreign or Westernized enough so I hardly ever mentioned “Esasina” to anyone.I wanted an English name,one that was easier to pronounce.Deep down in my heart,I wanted to be called Britney.

The scales fell off my eyes before I went to Senior High School.I chose to embrace my name and to be proud of my roots.These days I prefer to be called Esasina and I always correct anyone who mispronounces my name.

My name is Esasina which means,”God deserves praise” in Krobo, my local dialect.



Photo Credit: OBE images.


Thank you for reading,


Esasina. xoxo



I clicked “Publish” anyway.

I sat behind my laptop,for over five hours a year ago, trying to figure out the WordPress website.My big sister encouraged me to start a blog because often my captions on Facebook and Instagram were lengthy.A few other people unknowingly bolstered me to create a blog.I also had the urge to document and share my Year Abroad experience.

There was a battle in my mind.



“Who will read your blog at all?”

“Can you be consistent with your posts?”

“Girl!! You don’t speak or write impeccable English ”

“You will give up on blogging soon.”

“Are you not just copying your big sister?”


I purposed in my heart to start anyway.

After hours of brainstorming,I put my thoughts together,proofread more than 10 times,without any confidence,I clicked on “Publish.” I shut down my computer and jumped into bed for the fear of the unknown. I was afraid no one would read my blog,my phone kept beeping the whole night.

People were actually reading my blog and sharing it with others.Deep down,I was glad I took the step. Little Esasina was my first blog post and I received genuine warmth and honest feedback from my readers. I was uplifted and decided to make it up to my new family.


The life you save will change yours!.jpg
Photo credit: PhotoAnaaf




I’m not the world’s most interesting person but I am glad I have people from all over the world,in at least every continent reading my blog.It is humbling.

On many days,I don’t know what to type and I am not brave enough to share my posts via Whatsapp because I feel it is not good enough.Fortunately,these days,I share my blog with as many people as I can and I no more share my posts on just Twitter,Facebook and Instagram. I recently emailed my blog’s link to my lecturer and he was thrilled.

I like that,my blog is where I share what’s on my mind without any interruption and it is building up my confidence one day at a time.



Photo credit : Kafui Praise Photography



My readers!!!!

Thank you for sticking around and being the fuel on which my blog runs.

You send the most tremendous emails and leave uplifting comments every time.

For all the people who have walked up to me to say “I read your blog!”,you literally make my day every time.

I love you all so much and thank you for staying with me on this journey,you are keepers.

11,650 views from 74 countries in 365 days is worth celebrating.I will eat cake on our

Happy birthday to us!

Special shout out to my readers in Bahamas,Iraq,Liberia,Montenegro,Namibia,New Zealand,Seychelles,Slovakia.I hope to see you someday.

To Ghana,United States,United Kingdom,European Union,France and Russia,you are my top six highest viewers.I appreciate you all.

me d) wo.

je vous aime.

I love you.

Я люблю тебя


for being the reason I write and click _Publish_




Get out of your head!

Hiii my dear readers,I met about 4 of my readers this week.It was such a heartwarming experience,thank you for reading when I post and giving me feedback.xx.

So much love to my October readers from Ghana,United Kingdom,United States,Russia,India,France,Australia,Brazil,South Africa,Canada and Singapore!

You are the best.

I am humbled.





Why are they looking at me?

Why didn’t the janitor say “good morning”?

Why has my friend not been in touch for over a week?

Why are they pointing in my direction and laughing?

Why was the waitress not smiling at me?

Please get out of your head.

It’s not always about you.

No one’s world revolves around you.

Everyone has a battle he or she is fighting.




Get out of your head!

They are not looking at you,you just happen to be standing in the spot where their Daddy lost his life during the fire explosion.

Be the first to greet the janitor,smile and walk away.

Your friend is going through a hard time,pray for her and check up on her irrespective of her unexciting response.

They are not laughing at you,you happen to be seated behind a comedian who is making funny faces.

Go out of your way and ask the waitress,”How is your day going?”


Get out of your head!

It is really not about you darling!

Work on yourself.

Build yourself up!

Be comfortable with you,

Go the extra mile and be nice to people.

Give people second chances.

It pays to be nice to others.

Get out of your head.



Photo Credit: Hanspierre.










News Flash!!

Welcome to October my loves.

Whosh it’s been awhile!

I missed you too and I am sorry for the silence.

I am not in the best of moods right now because this is the second time I am writing this post.I am in the IAC lounge and the computer I am using just went off so I lost everything I had typed even though I clicked on “Restore Previous Session.” I also did not click on ‘Save’ so it was not in my WordPress drafts.Lesson learnt.

Quel dommage!

It’s fine,my ranting is over now.

Fam,a lot has been happening these past few weeks.

I live in a hostel off Campus.

I have a new roommate.

School is keeping me on my toes,my toes hurt already.


I decided to live in a hostel off campus because it is reasonably priced and it is only a few minutes away from my uni.Initially,my Mummy did not agree,”No Esasina,you will not live off campus.Staying on campus is your only option and it is safer.” I prayed and tried my best to convince her to agree,finally,she agreed.My Mummy is over-protective of my sister and me so I understand why she disagreed in the beginning.

I am not the easiest person to live with,so I started praying about my new roommate months before I returned to Ghana.I know how difficult it might be to share a room with someone you can’t tolerate,I did not want that at all.I consciously try not to take part in throwing tantrums,fuel heated and unnecessary arguments or cause friction between two or more parties.I did not want a petty and annoying roommate.I avoid drama,unless it is staged,rehearsed or on screens.

A friend from Church camp randomly called me because she was looking for a hostel.We spoke and agreed to being roommates.God knows my heart danced salsa that instant.

fremont hotel _ el nido palawanseptember 22, 2019 _ 3pm


I have a new roommate and she is amazing,we have not had any fights She is like a sister to me and I enjoy her company.A few people claim we look alike,it’s probably because we have similar features.I look forward to going back to room everyday after school.I am thankful to God for her,and I pray that this bond will last and be purposeful.Pray about the big things,pray about the little things,God cares about all things.xx


I am in my final year at University of Ghana and all my lecturers except nothing but hard work from me.Most of my days are draining but I take solace in knowing that,this too shall pass.I am doing my best and it will pay off.








Exactly a year ago,I landed in France and found myself looking up every new French word I saw on billboards,on menus and in books.

I was shocked at how most vehicles metres away anytime I used the zebra-crossing,I liked the order.

Croissants,baguettes,ham and cheese were constantly on my grocery shopping list.

Little did I know that,a year down the lane,I would come back to Ghana and voluntarily eat Camembert(type of French cheese) at hotel buffets,scout for good bakeries with baguettes and croissants.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have the whole world in my class,yes,there was at least a student from each continent.


I discovered a lot about myself,

I thought only Ghanaian dishes could whet my appetite until I tried dishes from Columbia,Syria,Japan,France,Sweden and from other countries.At end of semester parties,we all brought a meal or drink to share with others,it was always such a huge FEAST.

Have you heard of Columbian or Turkish music? I just could not help but move to these tunes at class parties.

I did not think I would miss waking up every morning to go to school.School was fun and the class sizes were small.We had very interesting ateliers,I for example had “Apprendre par le jeu” translated as “Learning with games” as my atelier,we made a new French board game.We were so proud of ourselves.

I swam in the deep sea of Juan les Pin,France and enjoyed every second of it,even though my Mummy was not particularly happy after I sent her the photos.



I have built lasting friendships and some of my best memories in life so far,happened during my stay in France.

I have had a few people ask me for advice on year abroad or staying in France.I always say this, enjoy every moment,be true to yourself,have fun,take pictures,make friends and lastly…

Guess what else?


Do not put yourself in a box,it’s amazing the new things you will discover about you.

Give it a year!!!





Esasina(I miss my dear readers so much.)




A lot can happen in a year.

I was directed to the hall of arrival and joined a long queue to go through passport checks. Whilst waiting impatiently for my turn,I quickly turned on my Wi-Fi, only to see that I couldn’t connect automatically to any of the available options. For the past year,by default,I always turn on my Wi-Fi to have internet access in public places.

My dear readers!!!

Gosh,it’s been awhile.

I have told myself almost everyday to sit and to write this post.It’s been a long time coming and I am sorry it took me forever (thirty days) to finally sit on my small behind and get this over and done with.

News FLASH!!

My year abroad in France is over so I am back in Ghana,my homeland.

Alex's grad party(3)

A lot can happen in a year.


I arrived in Ghana on Friday 7th of July.2017 at 8:00pm at the Kotoka International airport.The airport shuttle came for passengers in batches.A few minutes after boarding the shuttle,I realized that I had left my hat on the plane.After thinking about all the possible dress combinations I could rock with the hat,I went back to the airplane and in no time,I had my hat in my hands.The driver was so friendly and offered to drive me(the left behind passenger)all the way to the airplane and back.



I was directed to the hall of arrival and joined a long queue to go through passport checks. Whilst waiting impatiently for my turn,I quickly turned on my Wi-Fi, only to see that I couldn’t connect automatically to any of the available options. For the past year,by default,I always turn on my Wi-Fi to have internet access in public places.



During the passport check,I had a short but interesting conversation with the officer.I gave her a 1 minute French lesson upon request and she cracked me up the whole time.I found my bags after over 30 minutes of waiting by the baggage carousel and thankfully, I did not have to slot a coin to get a luggage trolley.I was super excited but tired.I wheeled my trolley to the entrance and I was welcomed by the Ghanaian heat.It was super hot with many people anxiously waiting at the entrance.I found my squad and headed home with them.




The Back to Ghana from France Influence.

I don’t remember the last time I  video-called anyone on Whats App or live streamed a movie or sermon.I am learning to cope with the slow internet connection,the expensive mobile data rates and embracing the fact that I can’t access Wi-Fi in every public space.Everyone suggests I buy a Mi-Fi,let’s see about that one.

I am now used to giving the “bises or bisous” (a peck on each cheek) and I am an unashamed hugger now.If we are well-acquainted,I will impulsively give you a hug than a handshake.France did this to me!

The prices of commodities and services in Ghana have increased.Picking a trotro (minibus) is even expensive these days,trotro which is supposed to be one of the cheapest means of transport.I look forward to seeing a more organized system of transport where you don’t have to wait for over 30 minutes at a bus station and where bus fares are reasonably priced.My first week in Ghana,I kept complaining to my friends and family about how easily many Ghanaians settle for anything substandard.Being away exposed me to a different perspective of thinking and I know all the development and advancement I saw in Europe can happen here too on Ghanaian soil.

I have become more intrepid.I boldly ask for help from anyone when I have to or confidently share my opinion with others.I always say to myself,”There is no harm in trying,Kwor.” I sincerely compliment others and smile more often these days.

I say “C’est pas grave”(which means it’s not a big deal or it is fine),almost everyday.When we miss the junction,when we join the traffic jam! Every time things go haywire,I try to remain sane and not to worry.I have learnt to trust God because He came through for me in France when I was helpless and there was no one to turn to.God mysteriously made a way for me when I was broke.This is the testimony on Instagram.

Lastly,my DIY game is solid.I prefer to make gifts myself rather than buying them.I have started hunting for materials to make gifts.I am going back to my first love,painting.Amazingly,God keeps inspiring me with ideas,I will keep you posted on how it all goes.

I am glad to be back home.

France moulded a better Kwor out of me and I am enjoying the new mould.

I want to thank all those who have been messaging me privately and encouraging me to post on the blog.God bless you all.






My Trip To Sweden.

This is a continuation of my previous  post, if you have not read it yet, please do so.

I checked in at Paris Orly and waited for awhile (30 minutes) before boarding because my flight was delayed.

I flew with Norwegian Airlines and paid €38 for my air ticket.When flying with any airline, please visit the airline’s website and thoroughly read their flight details and baggage requirements.It varies from airline to airline,there are similarities but also variations.

So for example for  hand luggage, Norwegian Airlines allow liquids in maximum 100ml containers,all the containers must be put in ONE resealable transparent bag or Ziploc bag of maximum 1 litre.

Guess what people?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone is not allowed on the flight. Imagine if you had not read the conditions of carriage and had your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 during check-in, it would have been confiscated!

Just spare yourself the trouble; please read the baggage conditions before you arrive at the airport, especially if you are not a frequent traveler.

My flight was relatively cheap because,I did not choose my seat on the flight(that costs €12 ), I traveled with just my hand luggage(of maximum weight 10kg) and lastly because I chose the economy class.On Norwegian Airlines, there is no charge on your hand luggage so yes! I took advantage of this and packed for a three week trip into my hand luggage. I have learnt to pack light and to pick only the essentials.

My seat was closest to the aisle and there was a lady on my row in the window seat but the seat between us was empty. She decided to move into an empty seat by her friend two rows away.Before the plane took off,I was in the window seat because thankfully she had moved.I just couldn’t help but smile.God knows I love window seats and the view from above.
The flight from Paris Orly to Copenhagen was for about 2 hours.It was a smooth​ trip.Thank you Norwegian airlines.

Aerial view of France.

Copenhagen from above.

By midnight,I was at the Copenhagen airport and my friend came to pick me up.We picked the train from the airport and in less than 25 minutes we were in Malmö, Sweden.

I spent most of my time at the World Maritime University’s Bistrot,writing blog posts,eating and watching movies.Everyone at WMU was so kind to me.Thank you to everyone who gave me their bus card to use at a point,that gesture melted my heart.

I ate so much in Malmö,thanks to Nico,Nicolas and Elsa,the chefs at the School’s Bistrot.They are very kind and friendly.You guys are the best and the food was crème de la crème.Thank you so much.

I met people from all over the world in Sweden and I made new friends.This is Shahn,my witty and funny Indian friend who does not mince his words and who cooks so well.

I was invited to a Filipino feast at Helsingborg and that was an adventure on its own,we missed our train stop and mysteriously could not find Manny,but we finally reached our destination.The party was incredible,we ate,danced,played,we had a ball! 

I have never been to the beach on a rainy day,but Sweden made it happen.After Church,I had a picnic with my hostess Theodicy and her Swedish host family.We drove to the beach and had an amazing time in the rain.I even did the #Ladder Challenge in the ocean.Thank you Ralf and Lotte.

I had lunch with four beautiful and intelligent women ; Hileni and Leena from Namibia,Ntsako from South Africa and Theodicy from Ghana. I tried the Swedish meat balls with berry sauce and potatoes,it was so good.

Sweden is a beautiful country and the Swedes are friendly people; from the transport  controllers to the bus drivers to random people on the streets to shopkeepers. Everyone says “Hej” or “Hej Hej”(it has the same prononciation and translation as “hey” in English.) I noticed that people are very polite here,they greet on the bus and say “Tack” (thank you) to the bus driver when they get off.

I enjoyed every single day and cherish all the special memories.Sweden,please continue to make the Wi-Fi on the buses fast and accessible to the public,we love it.Sweden,I love your blend of modern and traditional architecture,you do it so well.

I could hardly take my eyes off the sunset and the bridges over the rivers in town.

I just had a hard time with the strong winds of Sweden.Whoosh,it was super windy on a few days and at a point,the wind almost blew me away.

To my hostess and big sister Theodicy, thank you so much for allowing me to invade your space.You shared your friends, classmates,money,food and room with me.I thank God for your life and thank you for having me over.I love you a lot and the bonding was necessary!

Thank you for reading,

Love, Esasina.xoxo.

My student-friendly travel adventure.

I’m that young​ lady who loves shopping,but I would rather travel the world in one t-shirt than sit in my room and shop for clothes from all over the world.

Boy Oh Boy!

I love to travel.

Before I came to France,my family and I had made about 2 trips to Europe,I was so young I can’t even remember. Daddy promised us a few family trips to Kenya,South Africa and to Europe,but life happened,he got really sick and unfortunately died. Mummy is still carrying the family trip vision in her heart,I believe it will soon happen,God is faithful.

When it happens,I will totally keep you all posted.Kisses to my readers.

I follow travel blogs,travel accounts on Facebook and on Instagram.Seeing people share different stories from all over the world stirs up a lot of excitement in my heart especially from Africa because it is such a beautiful continent.

I’ve a prayer and thanksgiving wall here in France,it has my testimonies, prayer requests,my favourite ​Bible verses and a photo of my Daddy.I’m inspired every morning by my wall.

It is easy to create!

Please create one and send me photos.xoxo

On my prayer wall I have a prayer  request, “God,I want to travel to … (a list of countries I want to visit).Sweden was one of the countries on my prayer wall guys!! Yes it was.

A friend from Ghana, studying in Sweden contacted me on Instagram​ asking me to visit her after my exams.

Look at God!!

Just out of the blue…

He knows His children inside out and always comes through for us,the  Bible tells us in the book of Philippians,the Message version,

“Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life.”

Philippians 4:6‭-‬7 MSG.

It is easier said than done you know!

When my bank account is not smiling as much as I am but I know that, if God be for me,who can be against me?

Can my current bank account? The hustle of traveling from Nancy to Sweden? The frantic search for cheap fares? Or the hustle of packing everything I need for a two week trip into my small bag (hand luggage​ is free so I had to be wise.)
 What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31 NIV


Nancy,where I live,does not have an international airport so my options were to go to Paris, Strasbourg,Luxembourg or Metz for my trip to Sweden. My aim was to look for cheap flights ONLY,I was working with a tight budget.

I spent hours online,taking notes and looking for the best deal.My plan was,from Nancy to Metz by train,Metz to Paris by car (Blablacar),Paris to Paris Orly by métro and bus,Paris Orly to Copenhagen by flight and Copenhagen Airport to Malmö (30 minutes by train).

From Nancy to Metz was free because I had a free train pass from a friend.I travelled from Metz to Paris with the carpooling app, Blablacar, which connects drivers and passengers  willing to travel together between cities and sharing the cost of the journey.

Please visit for more details.

In Paris,I used the métro which was €1.90 from Porte de Bagnolet to Denfert-Rochereau, picked an Orly bus from Denfert Rochereau-Métro-RER to Paris Orly.The bus pass to Paris Orly was €8,which is pretty expensive but yes,Welcome to Paris !!!

If you are a student and you love to travel,look these sites up ASAP. You will find deals that will leave you gaping.Please visit the following:

I paid €38 for my flight from Paris Orly to Copenhagen.

A quick tip, please book in ADVANCE!!

After booking a flight,download the airline’s phone app if one is available on Google Play Store or App Store.I advise you create an account on the phone app for easy access to your travel details.

Many airlines give travellers with accounts travel rewards.

So enjoy!

It’s all up to you though…


Unless I am fasting,I love to eat so before I went on my trip,I shopped for juice,bananas, biscuit and baguette (French bread) and made a tomato-tuna sandwich with a generous amount of mustard and ketchup.I was ready to weather the hunger storm that I knew would hit my stomach later.

I got to Paris Orly at 5pm,4 solid hours before departure time.You can’t blame me,that happens when you have to pay for your own flight.

As I waited,I munched on my two bananas and croissants.Food from airports are remarkably expensive so my home-made snack was helpful.

I applaud Paris Orly for their neat washrooms with full length mirrors,diaper changing tables for babies and charging ports.The washrooms are disability friendly.I took countless selfies in the washroom,blame it on  Paris Orly airport.



The Wi-Fi connection is impressively fast and there are phone charging stations too for different types of phones.

Thank you for reading.

In my next post,I will share how my flight on Norwegian airlines went.

Love,Esasina xoxo

Let’s get Metzy!!

I’m not a big fan of birds but I enjoyed watching the swans gracefully glide on the Moselle river.We had ice cream and walked to the Centre Ville (city centre) which has beautiful architecture.The blend of ancient and modern architecture is what makes Metz a beauty to behold.

Last week Friday​,I spontaneously (very typical of me) decided to travel to Metz.I checked online for the cheapest fare(using the Blablacar and Flixbus phone apps and eventually on the Goeuro website too.)If you don’t what these are, please check them out and thank me later.
Metz is 45 minutes to an hour away from Nancy.I found a good deal on Blablacar for €5.00 and allons-y!! Unfortunately,the dropoff point was about 7 stops away so I bought a bus pass and headed to the centre.

My amazing friend Samantha who lives in Metz gave me an incroyable tour and did not hesitate to capture my moments.Don’t I just love her!



She took me to the governor’s palace in Metz and just when we were about to take more pictures,a female soldier came out of the palace and said “Excuse-moi,vous pouvez pas prendre les photos ici.” We quickly walked away towards Place de Chambres and headed to the park for a walk.

I’m not a big fan of birds but I enjoyed watching the swans gracefully glide on the Moselle river.We had ice cream and walked to the Centre Ville (city centre) which has beautiful architecture.The blend of ancient and modern architecture is what makes Metz a beauty to behold.

Centre Ville is where most of the shops,bistrots, restaurants, hotels and cafes are found,it was a sunny day so everyone was out in the sun.But of course! Who stays indoors when it is above 30°C?



I kept seeing metal triangular plates with different designs engraved on them.Samantha revealed to me that,the signs led to the different tourist sites (don’t mind my dirty footwear.)Which I thought was a really cool idea.




The next stop was towards the Old town,where there are narrow roads and a number of historical​ sites.I took delight in walking down the Old Town, it’s romantic even when you do it alone or with your friend.



Porte des Allemands was worth the walk but unfortunately,we could not enter  the property.We crossed the castle bridge and took more pictures.





We went to Gare de Metz and I must say,it was very neat and traveler-friendly.I appreciate gares (train stations) with clean washrooms, spacious waiting areas and Free Wi-Fi connection; traveling is sometimes stressful so it is a sigh of relief to any traveler to see these.I find it totally cool that,most gares in France have a piano in the waiting area for travelers to de-stress.



Before our long tour ended,we went to the Metz Cathedral and I was awed by its grandeur, amazing architecture and inspiring stained glass windows.It is a beauty.




I slept over at Samantha’s and woke up to this as breakfast.Thank you so much Samantha for being the best hostess ever.Kisses.



Every Saturday,there is an open market close to the Cathedral so just before I left Metz,I visited the open market.I found stalls for Tout! (Everything),from fruits to flowers to cheese to meat to clothes to books to,you name it!! Everything was on display at the Saturday market.





I enjoyed my trip to Metz and I will definitely be back soon.

In two days,I got Metzy!!

Thank you for reading,


The beautiful rose with thorns

On a daily basis,there are a billion and one things that can crash my spirit, but I make a conscious decision to smile everyday no matter what.

On days when the common kitchen is dirty because some adults can’t clean up after their mess,

On days when I go for interviews and I am assured by the employer that I’ve got the job but,no one gets back to me or replies my emails,

On days when I want to be physically present but it’s only the phone that keeps us connected,


On days when I am out in the cold and  have to wait  20 minutes for the next bus,

On days when the Wi-Fi  in my room has a mind of its own,

On days when I want to shop but my bank account is not supporting the vision,

On days when I need a hug only my Mummy can give,

On days when I need a massage but end up in bed with none,

On days when I run for the tram or bus and watch it literally move away,

On days when I am reminded that I am  black “Noire”, thank you for stating the obvious,

On days when the skies are grey and not even my spirit is gay.

On those days…

I talk to myself,

Act out a play,

Look in the mirror and make faces,

Tell myself jokes and laugh out loud,

Turn up the music and dance,

Listen to a sermon,

Crawl into bed and sleep,

Read a book,

Go for a walk,

Or  prepare a Ghanaian meal.

It’s great to travel,don’t get me wrong but there is another side to being away from home.It is like admiring a beautiful red rose from a garden,breaking it off from its shrub and getting your finger pricked.

My rose is worth holding and admiring despite the blood I see oozing from my finger,that’s exactly how I feel.


I did not see all these coming,but I am glad I went through this season. I have settled down beautifully  in France,too bad I will be leaving soon but truth be told,France has toughened me up.

I thought I was tough enough until the storms started to wage,I have learnt to smile through it all.

I have learnt to soldier on even when I don’t feel like it.

Believe you me,I am a better person thanks to highs and lows,the discomfort and comfort.God has also been faithful,for that,I am grateful.

I look forward to saving and going on many more trips,it is worth it all!

Thank you France.