Road trip to Prampram.

My two friends and I've always talked about going on a road trip or spending time together away from the capital, Accra but never got around to actually go on the trip.After a few discussions, we all agreed that our first location was going to be in Prampram.Can you guess where? We set off after…Read more Road trip to Prampram.

It wasn’t even on my basket list (Part 2)

Hello there,today's post is a continuation of this post.  'You're next" he mouthed while motioning for me to get ready.I reluctantly walked up to JJ and his other team member, they strapped me up in the abseiling gear, helped me put on my helmet and my hand gloves.My palms suddenly were sweating as I took…Read more It wasn’t even on my basket list (Part 2)

Let’s get Metzy!!

I'm not a big fan of birds but I enjoyed watching the swans gracefully glide on the Moselle river.We had ice cream and walked to the Centre Ville (city centre) which has beautiful architecture.The blend of ancient and modern architecture is what makes Metz a beauty to behold.