« You can’t come and kill yourself »

I met Alex in the reading room at my hostel,my laptop kept freezing and he came to my rescue. After studying in the reading room,I thanked him again and he insisted on walking me to my room. How sweet of him, I thought. That was when it all started... Alex was the captain of the [...]

My Tribe Of Women

Women are their own enemies is a lie I've often heard. I've had a lot of women stand by me and encourage me all my life. Most of the people who have got my back are women. I won't deny the fact that a few women have left me scarred but thankfully I learnt from [...]

Get out of your head!

Hiii my dear readers,I met about 4 of my readers this week.It was such a heartwarming experience,thank you for reading when I post and giving me feedback.xx. So much love to my October readers from Ghana,United Kingdom,United States,Russia,India,France,Australia,Brazil,South Africa,Canada and Singapore! You are the best. I am humbled. Love,Esasina.       Why are they [...]