Little Esasina

Hiii there readers!

My name is Esasina Padikwor Kodjo.

Growing up,I had low self esteem because in school most of the boys said I was too skinny,some also said I had Chinese eyes,others laughed at my interesting dental formation.I remember going to the optician and intentionally failing the eye chart test because I wanted to wear spectacles to cover my eyes.

Mummy and Daddy always told us(my sister and me), we were beautiful but it was hard to believe after hearing all the mean comments from some of my classmates.I never showed my teeth in family portraits and whenever I laughed out loud I involuntarily covered my mouth.

To top it all,I was one of the girls who developed slowly in my class,when every girl was in sports bras,I was still in singlets.The flat chested girl!!

I was an average student so I never received any award on speech and prize giving day.I was such a talkative too so the best behaved student always passed me by.I loved school but everything around me made me wonder if I was normal.The struggle was real.


I am the little girl on your left in the green dress.

I don’t know when the tables turned but things changed but I became more confident and comfortable with who I was.

I will share one bold  step I took because I wanted a birthday party …

My Daddy always gave me a new diary every year so I cultivated the habit of writing down my thoughts,secrets and plans.

A week to my 13th birthday,I had written down a plan for my birthday party.I had a guest list,venue,party activities and shopping list,all written down in my diary and planned out in my head.I needed a good and opportune time to tell my parents.

Whenever I needed a favor from my parents,I either gave them breakfast in bed or swept their room.So I made breakfast,put it on a tray and knocked on their door.It was a Saturday morning and my Mummy  and my Daddy  started laughing just when I entered their bedroom.I put the tray down and told them my plans.I guess I started event planning years ago.

“Mummy and Daddy,please on my 13th birthday,I want a party at Alisa hotel by the poolside.I want a birthday cake from Frankies. I am inviting Harriet,Maame Yaa, Selom, Yaw, Caleb…etc (about 12 people).Mummy can prepare the food(my Mummy is an amazing caterer).Daddy and I can buy the invitation cards from the Card shop in Osu. We can tell Uncle Eddie to help us with getting more information “(Uncle Eddie is a family friend who was part of the staff at Alisa Hotel. )After my presentation,my Daddy said it was on short notice but he will start making inquiries.The 12 year old in me was excited,little did I know that my party was not coming off.

During the week,my Daddy drove me to Alisa Hotel and we were told the place had been booked plus the hotel’s policy did not allow food from external sources during events(so the idea of Mummy catering went out the window).Up until now,I wonder whether it was a plan between Uncle Eddie and my Daddy  or not.After they gave us the bad news,we went back home.

On my birthday that week,my family surprised me with a birthday dinner at a Chinese restaurant,only for me to order chicken and chips…

There are many ways to say No! to your child without being very harsh or insensitive.

I love my parents for the many decisions they made to straighten me up.

I hope you enjoyed reading.

With Love,

Esasina. xoxo





49 thoughts on “Little Esasina

  1. Time really does make beautiful beings out what we may have imagined as unpleasurable beginnings. It is interesting note that the “brilliant” ones of ‘then’ don’t come close the cognitive power of imagination and creativity God blesses in the ‘now’, so many years after their prizes have faded.
    Stay strong Sina.


  2. I too had a terrible childhood I must say 😂😂😂 thinking about writing it down brings tears to my eyes cos even though it’s a better now with my friends, there’s still trouble in my family that I’m not sure can be resolved now. I’m so glad I read this. Thank you Esi for sharing this with us.


  3. They should come and see the chinese eyes in it’s beauty! It’s a lovely sight when you smile or laugh. 🙂 🙂
    I guess they couldn’t think far back then. But even then, God was using them to speed up the cocoon’s metamorphosis…..everything happens for a reason… Nice piece, Sina.


  4. Just read your story.. I found myself in most of your past predicaments( if that’s the word) only that with mine, i wasn’t skinny I was literally big.
    Good piece.. Will be following you

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  5. Nicely written piece. Your father was a great asset to the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. To me 13 is an amazing number. My history so far has a lot of 13’s. Keep it up.

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  6. Where are those silly boys now??? They should come and see the Bold and Beautiful you. I’m sure the Alisa let down was not planned. Lovely read dear though looking forward to more of such

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  7. Great info dear felt sad when I started reading it but the latter part put a smile on my face and it made me remember the good old days with you guys at church. God continue to elevate you kwor.

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  8. i find it almost amusing that things classmates say get a hold on our spirits in effect. Trying times I must say but you have turned into a beautiful flower. I won’t be surprised if those same mates who called you names wish they could be you even if for a day.
    stay shining!

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  9. 😂😂😂 This put a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing your childhood. Will try and share mine as well. There are similarities. I too never really won an award and I liked to talk in class to. I however would not have ordered chicken and chips at a Chinese restaurant lol. That’s cute though. Great start. Keep it One HONDRED!

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