40 shades of thankfulness.

My dear readers,I have been MIA (Missing In Action) here, please forgive me.I have had a lot on my plate.

Happy New Year my loves.

2017 has been a good year and I am here to list a few things I am thankful for.

1.I am thankful for life,by God’s grace I was not hospitalised this year.I suffered a few colds though.

2.I am thankful for the opportunity I had to travel to a few countries.It was a nice experience to spend time with people from different countries and backgrounds.

3.I am thankful for laughter,I learnt to make myself happy and laugh really hard this year.

4.I am thankful for family.They hold me down and bear me up in prayer all the time.

5.I am thankful for my Mummy.She is a pillar in our home even though we argue sometimes.

6.I am thankful for my sister.She is my bank,teacher,wardrobe,second mummy, relationship counsellor and entertainer all in one.Cheers to less arguments this year.

7.I am thankful for my blog,it has brought amazing people and opportunities my way.

8.I am thankful for pictures.I have pictures from many years ago and it is comforting to see how far I have come when I look back.

9.I am thankful for food.This year,I was more open to trying new meals.I loved every single one of them.

10.I am thankful for Shea butter,it has helped my skin and my hair growth.

11.I am thankful for my laptop,it is 5 years old and still works.It is called Dayne.

12.I am thankful for my roommate,she is a friend I want to keep forever.

13.I am thankful for tears.I cried this year a lot behind closed doors but thankfully,that season has ended.

14.I am thankful for YouTube,it kept me company on a few lonely nights.

15.I thankful that after a year in France,I still have my part-time working slot with Purpletwirl events (an event planning company).

16.I am thankful for traveling mercies to and fro school.

17.I am thankful for WhatsApp,it helped me stay in touch with my friends and family.

18.I am thankful for prayer,I saw too many of my prayer requests answered.I won’t stop praying, please don’t stop praying.

19.I am thankful for my group members in school.This latter part of the year was tiring and we pulled through anyway.Thank you guys.

20.I am thankful for the boldness to say “No” or “Yes” when I have to.

21.I am thankful for basic t-shirts,they have made my life a lot easier especially this year.

22.I am thankful for memories of my Daddy,they make me smile often but sometimes when I can’t help it,I cry.

23.I am thankful for hugs from my loved ones,they always make my day.

24.I am thankful for my size even though people tell me that I am too slim on a daily basis.

25.I am thankful for my desire to drive… lol.May this desire push me to learn to actually drive in 2018.Can I hear an Amen?

26.I am thankful for my male friends.You guys mean a lot to me.

27.I am thankful for the storms some of my friends and I went through this year.It was tough but necessary.

28.I am thankful for the opportunity to school and work.

29.I am thankful for all my girlfriends,you girls always know what to say to encourage me when I am down.

30.I am thankful for KCF Ministries and Zion Impact.You guys are family!!

31.I am thankful for the many treats I have  had this year from my friends and family.

32.I am thankful for conversation and not hiding behind emojis or silence when I have a lot to say.Baby steps, getting there!

33.I am thankful for my followers on social media.You all inspire me to be a better person in you own small ways.

34.I am thankful for my support systems.At different times in my life,I have had people stand in the gap and pray with me, encourage me, listen to me or just give me a hug.I have had my share of ups and downs this year but my support systems helped me through it all.I love you guys a lot.

35.I am thankful for Ghana,where my heart is.

36.I am thankful for all those who have sacrificed their time for me.I really appreciate you all.

37.I am thankful for mistakes,I made quite a number of them this year but now I know better.

38.I am thankful for all the strangers who are now family and to all who hosted me in their homes.I am eternally grateful.

39.I am thankful for patience,I am learning to be a lot more patient with myself and others.

40.Lastly,I am thankful for you.
May this NEW YEAR be a new year because we will change our ways and choose to love God and others more.

Thank you for being with me all through the year.I love you so much and you are the reason I blog.
Happy New Year My Dear Readers.



Photo credit @Daniel Bonsu.

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