I had plans…

This week,I would have gone to the salon,braided my hair and would have shopped for work. I would have had dinner with my friend after work. I would have attended a meeting with my colleagues this evening. I would have gone to the cinema with Maame before she goes back to school this weekend. Oh! [...]

A social media break or not?

It's raining in my hostel and I decided to break the silence here. Gosh! I have missed you all so much and I can't wait to tell you what your girl has been up to. Not much though...I am just kidding. I recently decided to reduce the amount of time I spend on social media; [...]

Get out of your head!

Hiii my dear readers,I met about 4 of my readers this week.It was such a heartwarming experience,thank you for reading when I post and giving me feedback.xx. So much love to my October readers from Ghana,United Kingdom,United States,Russia,India,France,Australia,Brazil,South Africa,Canada and Singapore! You are the best. I am humbled. Love,Esasina.       Why are they [...]