A lot can happen in a year.

I was directed to the hall of arrival and joined a long queue to go through passport checks. Whilst waiting impatiently for my turn,I quickly turned on my Wi-Fi, only to see that I couldn't connect automatically to any of the available options. For the past year,by default,I always turn on my Wi-Fi to have internet access in public places.

The beautiful rose with thorns

On a daily basis,there are a billion and one things that can crash my spirit, but I make a conscious decision to smile everyday no matter what. On days when the common kitchen is dirty because some adults can't clean up after their mess, On days when I go for interviews and I am assured…Read more The beautiful rose with thorns

Thank you Daddy

I was like a barren land,but my Mummy and Daddy kept sowing seeds and hoping for a bountiful harvest.I know how much my Daddy believed in me even when I gave him enough evidence to think that I would amount to nothing.Even when my primary school academic report card was screaming "Below Average",he still called me his Star.