The bigger picture.

I may not have the words to calm you down,
I do not have all the answers to the current COVID-19 situation we are all enduring.
However, let’s look at the bigger picture.
God is using this season to teach us to rely solely on Him and He is calling us to a place of deeper intimacy.

We have learnt to trust the systems of the world and gradually relegated God to the background.
He has the whole world in His hands, just in case we forgot.
I pray this season of staying home will open our eyes to the bigger picture.

Lowkey, I miss giving hugs to my loved ones and stepping out on the whim,
I surprisingly miss queuing for waakye in my neighbourhood and freely eating all my favorite local delicacies and street food.
There is the irresistible temptation to complain about everything and throw our hands up in the air.
However, the Holy Spirit assures me daily that this lockdown is for our good.

Staying home is boring but maybe you actually need to take a break and slow down.
Write the book,
Listen to sermons online,
Spend time with your family,

Bond with your spouse and spend hours in bed together,
Discover the new interests your children have developed,
Finish the backyard garden project you started,
Declutter your closet,

Devote undivided attention to God and wait on Him,
Read the books you bought three years ago,
Wash all the clothes you never had the time to wash,
Unearth the chef in you,
Reflect on what is actually MATTERS,

Video call your friends and family,
Start that podcast and send us the link,
Launch the blog,
Register for the course,
Revive your long distance relationship,

This current situation has a PURPOSE so we should not be oblivious of the fact that God is using this season to teach us to humble ourselves, be more intentional in our walk with Him and genuinely love on others.

It is easy to spend the whole day on Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, Netflix or playing games.
Let’s consider being more intentional with how we manage our time, we are all accountable to God for the choices we make.

Let’s be intentional. Photo credit Obeimages.

If you have to draw a time-table for each day, feel free and do that.
Personally, I have daily Bible reading targets and set prayer times.
I have turned off all notifications on my social media apps, been spending time calling my friends and trying my hands on different recipes.
We can either make the most out of this period or just watch the days go by and complain.

A big thank you to all the health workers working round the clock to care for patients. We appreciate you all and are praying for you.
God bless you.

Lastly, please let’s remember to wash our hands with soap and under running water and STAY AT HOME!
Big ups to those who have committed to bathing daily 🙌🏾 and those who have not, please do better…lol.

Reach out to me via email if you want to talk about any and everything (God, recipes, relationships, work, business, etc.) or you have a prayer request.

Thank you for reading and a warm bear hug to all the first-time readers here. I am glad you decided to spend time here, I appreciate you.
Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below, I am looking forward to it.


10 thoughts on “The bigger picture.

  1. Whao… Esasina…. This is timely! Especially when you spoke about how it can be so easy to keep scrolling on your devices.. There is need for intentionality especially in this season. God help us!
    Thanks for sharing, sis 🙂

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  2. You have said it all, yes it’s not easy but looking at it all there’s a purpose for it all. We can either take advantage and make it useful or spend the time complaining. I choose the former and thanks for encouraging us all to do same.

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  3. Esasina, you couldn’t have said it better. This lockdown is so delightful to me. It’s not boring at all. Here in the states, the lockdown is tough for so many. As in, the only places we are allowed to go to is the grocery stores. Malls and other shops have closed. Most people are home besides the healthcare workers. Some have been laid off from their jobs. The death rates are escalating but if there’s one thing we can do at this time is to exercise our faith and do our parts. Lol to those who need to take a shower more often. Girl say it again oo. May we never stop this routine even after the virus have lost its hold on us. Thank you for sharing. P.S. beautiful picture ✨😊

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  4. Everything is so on point. Thanks for encouraging and reminding us. It’s nice to read or hear something similar to what you’re thinking about and when you hear it from outside your self, it means a call to action. You remain a Blessing #SINAKODJO 😍❤️

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