Road trip to Prampram.

My two friends and I’ve always talked about going on a road trip or spending time together away from the capital, Accra but never got around to actually go on the trip.
After a few discussions, we all agreed that our first location was going to be in Prampram.
Can you guess where?

We set off after 9 am in my friend’s car and hit the road. After consulting Google Maps, we were assured we would get there in 1 hour 40 minutes.
With music playing in the background, conversation about life and love and the go-slow traffic ahead of us, we were doing just fine.

The Dawhenya-Prampram stretch is usually busy during weekends but this traffic we were in was on another level… repeat after me; Another Level!
We had spent close to two hours in traffic and were not even halfway through the journey.
After many frantic checks on Google Maps, we realised the journey was going to take longer than anticipated.

Piiiiii Piiiiiiii! * it was the ice cream seller*.
It was definitely time to cool off to get some ice cream on this long hot day in standstill traffic.

After almost 3 and half hours, we realised the cause for the traffic, road constructors with bulldozers were busy reconstructing a portion of the main road. How convenient! Of all days, they chose one of the busiest days, a Saturday.
My friends and I were not amused but we had a fun day ahead so we lightened up quickly.

The Google location of the Palms Resort was wrong, it led us to a nearby stream along the road leading to the resort. Fortunately, a charming young lady gave us the exact directions to the resort. The road was untarred but had directional signs leading to the resort so we got there without sweat. Over fours hours after, we had safely arrived at the Palms Resort, Prampram.

We were cordially welcomed by a waiter and we chose to sit on the raised platform overlooking the roaring sea.

The menu was relatively restricting and did not have much diversity.
I ordered a signature mocktail called Akwaba for 25 cedis; a blend of pineapple, apple juice, mint flavour and grenadine. It was a fairly good mocktail, my rating will be 5/10.

Lunch arrived early and I played it safe by ordering fried yam chips with grilled tilapia which cost 50 cedis.

The other orders were a seafood platter with fries and grilled chicken with yam chips.
I enjoyed my grilled tilapia, it was well spiced and tasted good, my rating will be 7.5/10. My friend said her sea food platter order was okay and the fried yam and grilled chicken order was averagely good.

We took a walk along the beach after lunch. A part of the beach had plastic waste and debris washed ashore, the other part was clean with fast moving baby crabs aka zoea crawling back into their holes. We were told not to swim in the sea because it is a rocky beach so we took pictures instead.

We decided to swim but we had to change in the washroom because there were no changing rooms.
We hit the swimming pool and I watched my friends swim like mermaids while I confidently walked in the pool. I am looking forward to the day I can swim like them. It cost 35 cedis per adult to swim and 15 cedis per child.
There is a mini- golf course, pool table for guests, an adult swimming pool and a children’s swimming pool.

Around 6:30 pm, it was time to go home.We packed up, paid our bill and set off to Accra. It took us less than an hour from Prampram to Accra mall.

On the whole,The Palms Resort is a fairly cool place to visit, the waiters are very warm and the food is averagely good. A big shout out to Zubaidah of she inspired my friend to choose the Palms with her Instagram posts on the Palms Resort.
Thank you Zubzz ❤.
Have you visited the Palms Resort before or have you gone on a road trip recently? I would love to hear about your experience so please share with me in the comment section below.

I am glad to be back here and sharing stories with you all.
Happy new year to you all since this is my very first blog post in 2020.
You can watch a short video of the whole trip here !
Have a great weekend everyone, wash your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water and be safe.
Much love,
Esasina xoxo.

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