After national service…

Hi everyone,

I have been quiet for  some months here however, I am back after this long period of silence. I was going through a phase I did not want to talk about but thankfully I am seeing things differently so I am here to share my journey with you.
I wish I could send out hugs to everyone, I have really missed you all.
How have you all been?

Today, I am letting you all in on what I have been up to. National Service came to an end in July and I am thankful for the opportunities, relationships and experiences that my workplace offered me. Most importantly, after a year, I am proud of the young lady I am becoming.

In July, I applied for jobs and sent out my CV to companies. I ensured that all my applications were reviewed by trusted people before every single submission.

I applied to about 5 different companies.

None of them replied my emails.

This broke my heart!

Was I not good enough?

What was the next step from here?

Am I going to be jobless?

Is it time to start the business I have in mind?

I often share my life experiences: good, bad, great and ugly on social media and here on my blog however, I struggled to share this particular one with you all. Two months ago, I was not prepared to write about this difficult season of my life.

People would randomly ask,

‘So what’s up after National Service?’

‘Where are you working now?’

‘Are you still working with the German company?’

Many people assumed that after National Service, I had to be automatically employed with a new job. In my situation, all efforts to apply for a job proved futile. I endured questions about work from people and always replied with, ‘I am applying for jobs currently.’ This simple question always reminded me of what I deeply wanted but did not have.
Every single day, I scrolled through my email inbox and spam folder, maybe they sent a mail at dawn while I was asleep.

I prayed for a miracle everyday…I wanted a new job but God’s miracle to me was strength to trust Him in this difficult season.

I started looking down on myself because I was not waking up early every morning to work for 9 hours in an office and there was no salary hitting my account at the end of the month. I thank God for the Holy Spirit, family and friends who have constantly been a source of encouragement; from random messages of support, to screenshots of job opportunities to referrals and prayers.I love you guys so much ❤



The Holy Spirit told me I had become ungrateful and I realized how true that was.

Volunteer at Little Tokens Foundation

Volunteer at Little Tokens Foundation

While job hunting, God brought phenomenal opportunities my way…I had time to rest, pray, babysit an amazing 1 year old for 2 weeks, visit the Eastern region, start a part-time job as a virtual assistant in a company, coordinate two weddings, help with my sister’s initiative @projectkcc, volunteer with @littletokensfoundation, help my Mummy’s catering business, sign up for online courses and attend a marketing and sales training.


The devil convinced me that I was useless because I was not waking up to a 9 to 5. I am thankful that I snapped out of this quickly and learnt to embrace the season that I am currently in. Whether I’m employed to work from 9 to 5 or not, these circumstances will not define who I am.

There’s a lot to be thankful for.

I will find joy and peace in this season and trust God to take the wheels. May this uncomfortable season teach me to find comfort in God and rely solely on HIM.

Reading on the lawns at Aburi Botanical Gardens

Reading on the lawn at Aburi Botanical Gardens

I pray for anyone in such a phase, may you listen to God and spend more time with Him during this time and may all accusing voices be silenced.
If you have to take a social media break,do so.

Reach out to people you trust and spend time doing what you love.

Learn a new skill or intern with a company.
Send me an email and let’s have a chat

This season will end in joy and laughter, do not look down on yourself for God is perfecting your character and working it all out for your good in this season.

I am sending warm hugs and so much love your way.

It feels so good to be back here.


Much Love,

Esasina xoxo.

37 thoughts on “After national service…

  1. Oh my daysss!
    Sis… This is profound
    First thank you for sharing. This is really beautiful
    Second, this part hit me “…Whether I’m employed to work from 9 to 5 or not, these circumstances will not define who I am…” because for me its not even about jobs alone, it’s everything else. When God has us waiting or something isn’t going right, we need to know the circumstances don’t define who we are.
    This is such a blessing to me. Thank you and lots of love. I love what is doing in your heart and through you this season 💜

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  2. Sometimes trusting God and believing that you too are part of His grand plans become almost impossible in the face of uncertainties and adversities. The good news, however, is that we serve a God who understands these times too and the Holy Spirit is always with us to see us through such times. I’m glad you’re on the other side of things now and I pray that everything works out soon enough. Thank you for sharing with us. Take care. xoxo.

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  3. I’m very glad you don’t feel as bad as you used to about yourself. The economy isn’t doing so good and you can’t blame yourself for not getting a job just right after your service. I have actually decided to use some time to prepare for school and plan for my life yet people won’t give me space. They don’t understand why I shouldn’t be working and it’s annoying. We are not in a race for jobs, God’s time is the best and trust me you not wasting time. All the volunteering is bringing so much love to those adorable kids and you should be proud of yourself because I’m super proud of you.

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  4. I can really relate especially with the part about people always asking stuff about so what next after service etc. Such questions make you feel pressured and during those periods the enemy (as bad as he is😤) preys on our minds.
    Your testimony is beautiful and I know God is far from done with you. One day at a time 😊

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    • Sis!!!
      I felt the pressure every time someone randomly asked this question and the devil did not stop whispering lies to me until I decided to trust God fully.It’s not been an easy journey but I am taking it one day at a time and trusting God through it all.Thank you for reading 🤗🤗🤗


  5. Very inspiring. I was in a similar situation after service for close to 8 months. Some of the feedbacks I got from some interviews were very heartbreaking. (There was this one time an employer told me in my face that my CV looked more marketable and good than me in person. You felt that too. I know.💔 That same employer told me I do not seem aggressive enough for the role. I thought to myself “am I going for war or something? Is the job about killing people” lol).
    But in all these things, never forget to look unto God, the author and perfector of our faith. He takes us through these journeys so his glory will be seen at the end of the day. Ours is to trust in him and watch him work.
    Use this time to sleep and rest😂😂. When you start working again, you will wish you could go back to your “free” days.
    Always be thankful for the little things God is doing. God is never late sis❤!!

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    • God is Never Late!! WORD💃🏾💃🏾.Thank you so much for reading and your story is encouraging.God is faithful.I will enjoy this season,rest and learn all I can.There are better days ahead however,I am thankful for today.
      Your comment got me laughing out loud🤗🤗.
      Thank you Dynne🤗❤️


  6. I thank God you’re in a better place. I have been through this before and almost broke down but God kept me. Remember every rejection is a redirection. Just do your part, network, keep adding value to yourself and leave the rest to God. You may never know you’re actually supposed to start that business 😉.

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  7. Thanks for this uplifting words, the most annoying question I get is what next as you has said , when they actually know that after service is job hunting, but they still go ahead and ask and after months of you still been unemployed they begin to raise their fingers at you when u pass by, I completed my service just last month and they questions coming in is like I have been home for decays , but even if that is the case which is their business, meanwhile those asking are the ones who are not helping you in any way , but they are the loud mouths, I have decided that come what may I will do my best and pray , when the time is right I will definitely be crown , I would not allow people or words to discourage me but instead i will keep pushing . And remain encouraged , thanks sooo much for this

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    • Thank you for reading Christine,you will be fine.Embrace this season and learn as much as you want,there are free online courses on and other online platforms.Intern with a baker or volunteer at a creche or read all you can.It’s a difficult season but you will be fine! Please send me an email and I will share other resources and ideas with you.
      The questions will keep coming but be encouraged.It will get better.God will see you through this season.
      Thank you for reading my Dear🤗🤗❤️❤️.


    • He sure does! Trust Him everyday through it all.He never disappoints.While waiting,prepare and learn all you can🤗🤗❤️❤️.There is purpose even in this difficult season of waiting.You will be fine.
      Thank you for reading.


  8. Thanks Kwor for uplifting my spirit. I am experiencing my greatest fear”staying at home”. Sometimes I feel its punishment from God because I started Job hunting long ago but no response. I do believe in miracles and i pray and strength.

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    • Awww Becks! Big hug to you.
      You will be fine,this is not a punishment from God,it’s a season of waiting.I pray that God will strengthen and uplift your spirit.
      Spend more time in His presence and keep trusting Him.
      Please send me an email and I will share different free resources with you so you can build up on your skills.
      I will definitely end in praise💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾.
      Much love


  9. I’m here reading this at 4:45 am.This is inspiring. I currently work in a company and all the things I was told will be happening when I was employed arent happening.i joined them in May.All iwant to do is resign and get a new job.i feel I’m wasting my time with them.But I ask myself what if I resign and I become jobless??Reading your blog has inspired me.I will trust more in the Lord .

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  10. You are such an inspiration. For me it’s a reminder to be thankful each day for all the blessings than focus on the things I do not have, hoping and trusting for God’s perfect will to be done at the right time. God bless you for sharing

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  11. I came here straight from Instagram and I must say, I didn’t regret reading about your experience any bit.
    For me, I’ll be passing out from service in a couple of weeks and at the moment I’m working on a CV and scouting for companies. Your article has thought me that whatever happens, I must stay strong, dependent on God and learn more in the process.
    Thanks for this articulate and inspiring writeup.

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  12. Chaleee…Thank you for the uplifting words. Had a job- at least I thought I did. Everyone liked me at where I did my service… Was assured I was going to be retained. Then…it didn’t happen. I try to do hard guy things…but in my closet chale 1-2 norr I cry small.. Have I given up on God ?, I haven’t…
    I believe Lord, help me overcome my unbelief…

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    • Vim!! You will be fine Eddy. It’s an uncomfortable season but it will end in praise! Spend more time with God during this season and build intimacy with Him.He will guide you through it all! Everything will work out! And while you wait,learn a new skill or find a free online course that you are interested in🤗🤗🤗.
      Send me an email and I share some resources with you.
      Big Hug🤗.


  13. Thank God you’re in a better place. Feeling down is part of the process but don’t let it dampen your spirit entirely. Good things will come and don’t rush them because to be honest an 8-5 is not all gold and the time you have to relax and do things you’re passionate about is also extremely important.

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