What to do in Accra on Friday night.

Hello Everyone!

Today’s post is quickly to share with you a few activities you can do during your leisure time( alone or in a group) on a Friday night in Accra.

If there is one thing I don’t enjoy,it is the early morning and after work rush hour traffic so I look forward to every Friday.

I make the effort to engage in stress relieving activities on Friday because I cannot coman kill myself please!

I would usually go home early and sleep before 8:30pm,attend an event,go swimming,go to Church or hang out with friends.

Let’s get to the point!

My colleague and I went swimming at the Burma Camp Sports Complex last month.

They have an Olympic sized pool and friendly and well experienced swimming instructors.

A few swimming associations for children train in the pool after school.It was motivating to see the children swim like fishes in their earmarked swimming area.

Breath Control Activities

There were particles in the pool so I suggest the pool kept cleaner for swimmers .Also,I hope they work on lockers for swimmers because we ended up having to leave our bags on the pool seats along the poolside , but aside that,it was a nice swimming experience.

My colleague and me at the pool

The rate is GH 15 for children and GH 20 for adults.You can swim as long as you want,below are the opening and closing hours.

Weekdays from 7:00 to 20:00 Weekends from 7:00 to 18:00

It was fun!!!

A Friday evening well spent.

Last week Friday,my friends and I decided to hang out at a vegan friendly restaurant after surfing the internet for options,we settled on Sunshine Salad Bar.

We ordered four different meals.The prices ranged from GH 50 to GH 60 and the food was copious and delicious.

To top it all,Bubune,our waiter for the evening crept his way into our hearts with his impeccable customer service and charming smile.He willingly offered to pack our leftover meals for us!

We left Sunshine Salad Bar with our stomachs full,our bags stuffed with our leftover packages,our phone galleries flooded with pictures of the beautiful and well lit ambiance at the Sunshine Salad Bar.

Our Friday evening was lit!

Thank you for the AMAZING SERVICE.

After dinner,we went for the PAINT BOIRE group painting session at Apartemento Hotel,Airport Residential Area.

They have different venues on the various days of the week.We booked in advance for this session and paid GH 60 each (this covers paint brushes,paint and a canvas on an easel.)

We chose the painting we wanted to replicate and the patient instructor took us step by step through the painting process.

That evening,we saw the patient and persistent ones among us.

Others were incorporating their “painting mistakes” into their artwork.As it is said in Ghana, ” every mistake is a new style.”

A few people almost gave up on their paintings along the way but we cheered each other on all the way to the end.

We all gave our paintings a personal touch and held our final works of art with pride.

Eventually we unleashed our inner Picasso that evening.

This was definitely fun!

The laughter,conversation,food and moments from that night was worth every minute.

Thank you for reading and I hope you try any of these activities and keep me posted.Please comment below and share your honest opinion about this post.

P.S: Please suggest other fun activities you think I can engage in, in Accra.



18 thoughts on “What to do in Accra on Friday night.

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    • Hi Elisa! Thank you for reading.Please click on the hyperlink in the blogpost for Sunshine Salad and you will see their website.They located in Osu please.πŸ€—πŸ€—


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