Is there food at home?
Ooops sorry,let me say hi first.


Hi there Everyone!

Welcome to my blog.

My name is Esasina, I am a food lover and food enthusiast, simply put, unless I’m fasting, I rarely turn down food, FOR WHAT? lol!
I hate food wastage, one  should take only what he or she can eat or give it out to someone who needs it.

I’ve a saving target to meet this year,so after much thought, I decided to cut down on my expenditure. One of the ways: by taking food to work instead of buying from food vendors.
Sounds like a plan right?


Sunday after Church,I went grocery shopping for the week at Palace Shopping Mall,Spintex branch. I had a menu plan in mind so it was easier to do my groceries.

Breakfast : A glass of mixed fruit juice with a tuna and vegetable wrap.
Lunch: Leftover chicken and canned tuna with fried yam (bought the yam)

Breakfast :Ekuegbemi with groundnuts and milk.
Lunch:Spaghetti with chicken in spicy soy sauce.
Snack: a glass of mixed fruit juice.

Breakfast : Vegetable and tuna wrap with a glass of juice.
Lunch: Banku and leftover okro stew

Breakfast :Muesli with milk and bananas
Lunch: Potatoes boiled in butter and cheese with chicken in spicy soy sauce.

Breakfast : Vegetable and tuna wrap with a glass of mixed fruit juice
Lunch: Kenkey and tuna with pepper


I bought a few ingredients : lettuce, tuna flakes, sweet corn, baked beans, Ekuegbemi (corn grits) cereal mix, tortilla, 2 litres of fruit juice and even a packet of chewing gum. The plan was to eat from home and avoid buying from food vendors.

Fortunately, there are many ingredients at home so I did not shop for every single item. Thanks to my Amazing Mummy and her kitchen, I love you Mummy.
My meals were always  in storage bowls and safely put in my lunch tote bag.
I reheated all my meals in the microwave during lunch time but a thermos flask can keep them warm if you don’t have a microwave.

Today is Friday and I am happy that I was able to do this!
Meal prepping and planning my meals was fun!
Waking up at dawn to meal prep was a struggle but, thankfully I did it anyway!
My social media Family kept me motivated too! Thank you to my Instagram family.

I’m glad I did this.
If you’ve any questions or suggestions, please let me know in the comment section below.
You can visit my Instagram and watch the journey in my Highlights titled #ThereIsFoodAtHome.


PS: Kenkey is a meal made from fermented corn dough.
     Ekuegbemi is a local breakfast made out of milled corn aka. corn grits

It’s Friday and I hope you’ve a restful weekend.
Much LOVE,
Who else?
Esasina xoxo






15 thoughts on “#ThereIsFoodAtHome

  1. Reading all these foods on Saturday morning when I haven’t eaten yet and now my stomach is grumbling 😭.I feel this should be a challenge post🔥🔥!!!! Like a #ThereIsFoodAtHome Tag for other bloggers too!. Let’s see who can keep their hands out of their wallets to buy take aways. Permission to do a – Joan’s there is food at home challenge when I get myself together ?😁😁😁. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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