First Quarter

Hello Everyone!

Do you agree that the days keep running fast? Like FAM, I just replied tons of Happy New messages in January and all of a sudden,it’s 18th March and my inbox is flooded with birthday wishes.

A big thank you to you all for the birthday wishes.🤗🤗🤗

Don’t worry if you forgot, you express your genuine love for me in many different ways and at different times of the year, I appreciate every one of you.


A big hug from me to you all😘😘😘.


In the past 3 months; I’ve practiced a few things I would want to share with you.

•Write it all down!

I have a Note taking app on my phone but I carry at least one journal in my bag to jot down ideas and my thoughts as I go about my day.

My last blog in 2018 was about my struggles and victories and I am thankful that I journaled my experience.Sometimes we easily forget how far we’ve come.

We are three months into 2019 and I can’t thank God enough for every single thing I have been through.

I journal it all,the good,bad and even the ugly.

On one page, I was on the verge of giving up on a certain project. A few months down the line, I was offered a free mentorship programme that would equip me in the project I almost gave up on. All you need is a pen and paper or a note taking app. I will recommend Evernote,Microsoft OneNote,Bear,Notebook,Simple note,please share any other note taking apps in the comment section below.

Quick one,every smart phone usually has an in-built note taking app,you can try that too.Keep documenting the journey,you will look back and be thankfully to God for the journey.

•Manage your time on social media.

I use my phone often but I’ve decided to take social media breaks occasionally because it gets addictive with time. There is a lot I learn from social media but honestly,I spend many hours scrolling up and down so I have come up with strategy to manage my social media use.I put my phone on airplane mode every evening when I am going to bed. My notifications for all social media apps are off except for my email,messages and my blog.I always log out of any social media app after use.

I know someone who doesn’t use social media on Sundays,she spends more time away from her phone or laptop screen.Find what works for you.

I took a week off social media and it was a refreshing break; I deleted the Twitter,Whatsapp and Instagram and applications from my phone and reinstalled them after my one week break.

At the end of the break,most of the messages I had were not messages that needed my immediate attention.

There is this elusion that if you are off social media for a few hours, you’ll miss out on life,please it’s false.

What I did was to create a poster as my display picture on Whatsapp informing my contacts that I was away.

Depending on your schedule and what works for you,you can take a break too.


Please give me a round of applause,I faithfully devoted my Friday nights and weekends to relaxing and unwinding.

Working from 9 to 5 and having to sit in traffic to and fro work is tiring.

I visited an Art Exhibition, went to watch movies at the cinema,visited friends and family,slept in for hours,went shopping and attended a few social events.

Make time to relax even if it’s for just 30 minute.

Plan ahead and be intentional about taking time off to relax.

You can allocate a percentage of your allowance or salary to this activity depending on what you choose to do.


I’m looking forward to the rest of the year and praying that God keeps us in His perfect peace.

Thank you for passing through and take care.


Esasina xoxo

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