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‘You’re next” he mouthed while motioning for me to get ready.I reluctantly walked up to JJ and his other team member, they strapped me up in the abseiling gear, helped me put on my helmet and my hand gloves.
My palms suddenly were sweating as I took position and listened to these instructions,

Hold the rope ,
Descend gently,
Lean back,
Feet apart.

The official photographer took a few shots of me before I started abseiling.I carefully moved down along the cliff and my heart was in my mouth as I took my first step.

I held the rope and kept going because JJ was guiding me through the process.
The view from the side of the cliff was breathtakingly beautiful but scary.

I felt more confident halfway through my climb down and my colleagues did not stop cheering me on.
Go Pidii! (a few people call me Pidii at work)
Do it for the gram!
You can do it girl

I was having fun but carefully taking steps down the cliff till I finally landed in the speedboat.
The speedboat took us to a huge cliff along lake near the Discovery Rock.
We all waited on the cliff till the last person was done.

We are all definitely going to enjoy the speedboat ride on the Volta Lake,
I thought to myself.

We all put on life jackets and waited for the next set of instructions from JJ.
While waiting, we took selfies and relaxed

JJ and his colleague give out a few instructions,
Please take off all valuable items like rings, wrist watches, necklaces etc,
You can take off your shoes if you don’t want to get them wet,
Put all gadgets and phones in your bags and leave your bags on the speedboat,

Make sure your life jacket is well secured.
Now, grab at least a sachet or bottle of water.

I was trying hard to understand why he gave those instructions, but anyway, the speedboat was probably going to come back to get us.

“Okay, so up next,we are going kayaking on the Volta Lake.” JJ excitedly announced.

I laughed out loud in disbelief, the laugh that connotes,
You must be kidding me
No please, I am not doing this
Forgerrit ! (Forget it!)

JJ quickly reassured us that it was safe and we would be fine.
A few of my colleagues were itching with excitement and couldn’t wait to start kayaking, I was definitely not one of them.

The young lady in question, Padikwor, is not a good swimmer simply put, she cannot swim.
She has only watched people kayak on TV or on the internet.
She was terrified and wanted to go home immediately.

The first few to excitedly sit in their kayaking boat.

I confidently started convincing JJ why I thought I had to be exempted from this kayaking adventure.
He kept smiling and reassuring me that I was more than capable of kayaking on the Volta Lake.

It was my turn to sit on the kayaking canoe, guess who was my kayaking partner?
JJ was my partner.
He helped me get on and I sat up with my feet outstretched in white socks.
There were a few splashes of water because of the river waves and also, a few excited colleagues of mine were busily engaged in a water splashing battle.

You can see a smile on my face but God knows I was terrified

Just when I sat down,my hands searched for the seat belt or safety strap.
I turned to look at JJ,

Where is the seat belt please?
There is no seat belt,
he replied.

You don’t want to know the thoughts that started running through my head.

We converged near the river bank as JJ took us all through the kayaking tricks and techniques.
We all had to practice shortly at the river bank before embarking on our journey.

After our practice session, the next announcement got me worried.

We are on the Volta Lake, the largest man-made lake in the world and it is 75 m deep,
We’re kayaking to an island called Survival Island, it is 7 kilometres away.

Look out for each other and take a short break if you have to.

When the river waves violently hit our canoe and I got scared,I sang a few Hillsong songs or prayed under my breath.I didn’t think I was going to survive all this.Conversationswith JJ took my mind off the fear that I had.

The journey to Survival Island

We kayaked our way to the Survival Island and occasionally looked around to ensure that everyone was okay.
I saw birds dive to catch fish from the Volta lake and fly away,
It was quiet, except for the echoes of laughter and conversation from us all and the chirping of birds in the nearby forest.

A few fishermen happily waved at us and we reciprocated the gesture.
The water from the lake was clear and refreshingly warm.

Beads of sweat dripped down my back and my face,
My arms started hurting,
JJ and I took a break and the inquisitive me started asking him questions about how the Bravehearts company started.
After a few minutes, we resumed paddling our canoe but the river waves were strong and forceful so we had to paddle with more power.

In the middle of nowhere and completely surrounded by water, JJ asked everyone to converge around our canoe.
He explained that he was going to teach us how to execute a rescue mission in case a team member’s kayaking canoe capsized.
He briefly explained the steps involved and we all listened with rapt attention.

-We will quickly do a demonstration for everyone to understand,  JJ said.
…We? as in you and who please?
I asked.

-You are my kayaking partner so they will quickly capsize our canoe and rescue us .
…Please can I change my partner now, so you pick another person, because I can’t do this one,I beg you.I don’t want to drown in this deep lake.

-Calm down, you will not drown, you have a life jacket so you will float.
 …No please,I just don’t think I can do it,  I cried out.

Okay Padikwor, calm down, we won’t be the volunteers.
…Thank you JJ.

JJ asked for two new volunteers instead of us, their canoe was capsized and they fell into the lake,they managed to float to the side of the canoe and held on till they were rescued.

We kayaked for over two hours to the Survival Island where we had some fruits and took more pictures.

My arms and feet were aching but I was too overjoyed to care!
We were all soaking wet and were proud of ourselves.

White socks turned brown.

Your kayaking partner could never…

After kayaking for 7 kilometres !

A few of us climbed to the top of the Survival Island and could not stop admiring God’s creation.
Just WOW!
The view warmed my heart and it looked picturesque,I could not stop taking shots and screaming with excitment.

The view!!
From the top of the Survival Island.

We changed our clothes and took turns in waiting for the speed boat to pick us up to the river bank.
We joined the rest of our colleagues who were already on the bus and went for dinner at a nearby hotel in Akosombo.

I loved every second of this trip even though I acted like a scaredy cat at a point.

Thank you BraveHeart Expeditions for the amazing experience and thank you to the ever patient JJ.

Thank you for reading, please comment below and share the link with others if you enjoyed reading it.

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