It wasn’t even on my bucket list (Part 1).

A few months ago, I did something I never thought I would do.
It was not even on my bucket list!
Never in my wildest dreams.

Today, we’re going on a journey.

Stay with me as we take our first few steps, are you ready?

OKAY! Let’s do this!!

In November, everyone at work received this email

“Bring along a backpack, a change of clothing, a pair of shorts, a hat or cap, trainers or running shoes and sunscreen.
Food, water and snacks will be provided.


A white 30 seater coaster bus was parked at the entrance of the office.
We were accompanied by a tour guide called Nana on the trip and we set off at 7:30am to an unknown destination.
We made two quick stops along the way to pick up our official photographer and then to pick up our packed breakfast from a restaurant along the Tema-Akosombo road.

Our bus driver slowed down as we drove along the Shai Hills area, baboon families had come out to play along the road, some of the baboons looked like they were posing for a beauty pageant as we took photos of them.
On our road trip, a few of my colleagues dozed off, while others listened to music and a few of us talked till we reached our destination.

The baboons posing for pictures.

After over three hours, we reached our destination,Anum and were welcomed and briefed by the BRAVEHEARTS crew.
We applied sunscreen, took bottles of water and converged near the bus.
J.J made us introduce ourselves by playing an interesting game after,he showed us how to read a map and a compass.

The Quick Compass and Map Reading Class

We were all pumped up till he handed us a map, two walkie-talkies and two compasses and said see you at the Discovery Rock.

“Remember, if you get lost, it would be a collective decision to get lost! You are allowed to get lost for 20 minutes, after 20 minutes, I will come to your rescue,”

How can you say this to us when we are in the middle of nowhere with poor mobile network signal?
The reason I did not panic was, I had my team members and we were in this together.(You can sing High School Musical Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens…”We are all in this together and we know…”)


About a few minutes into our hiking journey, we took a wrong turn, thankfully, we noticed and walked in the right direction after.
We were in the middle of nowhere, walking through a forest which had no clear-cut path.

We walked by quiet streams of water, a few of the springs had dried up because it was in the dry season.
We heard birds constantly chirping.
J.J occasionally showed up to check up on us only to disappear again into the forest.
There were many plants and tree canopies with rays of sunlight seeping through the forest and oh! we said hello to few insects on our way to Discovery Rock.

Occasionally we would slow down so the others lagging behind could catch up.
The two team members who had the walkie talkies kept shouting out simple instructions to each other,

  Copy, Team A, are you on your way?,Over!
Team B, why are you all laughing?Over!

We all just laughed our hearts out every time they used the walkie talkies.

In the middle of the forest
We jumped over a few rivers

After over an hour of hiking through the forest, we saw a large water body called the Volta Lake and knew our hike had come to an end.We were exhausted and took our snacks at the Discovery Rock.

The large water body called the Volta Lake.

J.J and another Bravehearts team member arrived at Discovery Rock with ropes and abseiling gears.
Initially I thought it was for only those who were interested, so I sat down and decided to take more pictures.
J.J, the head of the Bravehearts team prompts us all to get ready and change into shorts or tights because in this next stage we were all going to get wet.

Ah wait oo, what are we going to do?
Can we walk back to the bus and wait for you guys there?

A few of us were scared and were contemplating whether we should go abseiling or not.
J.J kept assured us that we were 100% safe in his hands and we were all going to abseil.
I was scared trust me!
After seeing some of my colleagues descend the rock and land in the speedboat, I got vim and decided to just do it!

A big hug to all my new readers and to the ever faithful day ones, thank you for always reading my posts and sharing your thoughts in the comment section.


Look who is abseiling!

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