The Fufu Wait.

I spent my first weekend of 2019 in Kumasi, this was my second visit to the capital. Kumasi is the capital city of Ashanti Region,a pretty busy city.I was in Kumasi for work, I work part-time as a wedding coordinator for Purple Twirl Weddings. The wedding on Saturday ended beautifully ,thanks to the Purple Twirl team and all the amazing wedding vendors. 

Sunday morning after packing out of the hired apartment.

Should we eat Fufu before we leave Kumasi?’

‘No, let’s go straight to Accra.;

‘Is that even a question? The fufu must happen!

We voted and  The FUFU eaters won.

Fufu is a West African staple food made from boiled and pounded plantain, yam or / and cassava. It is usually served with soup.

We waited for 40 minutes in the car till the Fufu was ready.
The ambiance at Efie Fufuo,Patsi was laid back and homely with a traditional feel,there were tables with kitchen stools for customers to sit on.On each table,there was a bottle of liquid soap and a jar of water to wash your hands 

Fortunately, we were one of the first customers to arrive at the Efie Fufuo Joint, so we chose our earthenware bowls and sat down till we were signaled to join the queue .


Sitting behind my table and impatiently waiting for my fufu

Two well built men stood upright and were pounding the fufu,
as the pestle hit the mortar, it created an interesting rhythm.
Two women sat by the mortar and ensured the boiled cassava and plantain were being pounded into a smooth mixture. (If you are Ghanaian, you will know that the English language at this point is limiting this description but it’s all good…lol

Four women in charge of serving customers took their positions behind the assorted soup pans heating on the coal pots.


We boldly joined the queue and in no time we were served.The aroma of the different soups was wafting into our noses,I could not wait to devour my bowl of fufu. I was shocked to see a crowd behind me, in a split second.Wow! Where did all these people come from? 
I watched a customer buy food worth GH 140: Fufu GH15 and GH 125 worth of Protein, I was in awe.

I have never seen this much variety of Protein in my life, snails, guinea fowl, chicken, pork, dried fish, tilapia, tuna, salmon, crabs, mutton, goat meat and intestines, cow feet, grass cutter, you name it!
I was surprised to see boiled egg as an option,though.
There was boiled okro and blended ginger available to add that extra flavour  to the meal


That bowl of fufu with soup, fish and m eat was worth GH 140

After ordering my fufu and light soup, I was escorted to my seat with my food.
It was time for ACTION.
I did justice to the food!
Is it really a trip to Kumasi if you don’t eat fufu?

Next time you are in Kumasi,please go to Efie Fufuo and give yourself that Fufu treat,you deserve it.


Esasina busy at work… lol

Happy New Year Fam!

This year,let’s work hard,
Rely on God,
Be more disciplined,
Take a break when you need to
And laugh more often.

A big shoutout to all my first time readers and my day one readers.I love you all so much and thank you for passing through.

Esasina xoxo.

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