First visit to Ghana.

December is here and the year is coming to an end.I pray for the very best for you and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.

I interviewed Juls and Fabia two weeks ago at the AccraRepublica 2018 event at Trade Fair,La.

Juls interned at my workplace for about 3 months. He and I get along so well,he was my sitting partner at work too.Fabia and Juls live in the same hostel in Accra.After a long chat with them,I decided to feature them on my blog!

Here we go!πŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸ’ƒπŸΎ

Esasina: How long have you been in Ghana for ?

Fabia: 2months


Juls:You know,don’t you remember my first day at work? Try and remember! Okay, let me help you out,it was the 20th of September.

We all giggle at Juls’ witty comment.

Esasina: In three words,describe Ghana.

Fabia:Interesting,Beautiful and Astonishing

Juls: It’s been welcoming,hot(he fans himself) and Ghanaians are warm-hearted.

Esasina: What was your perception of Ghana before your trip?

Fabia: I had read a bit about Ghana from the internet,mainly its history because I studied Politics and we read about Kwame Nkrumah.I was well aware of a few geographical and historical facts,that’s pretty much all I knew.

Juls:I expected an experience similar to the one I had when I stayed in Togo for 8 months.

Esasina: Did you encounter any cultural shocks in Ghana?

Juls:The owner of our hostel once killed a few kittens because she wanted to get rid of the kittens and she killed them on the hostel’s compound by breaking their necks.After that day,the other cats became less friendly towards everyone.

Fabia: On my first day in Ghana,right from the Kotoka International Airport,I went to the Makola market with two of my friends who arrived in Ghana for a few weeks before I did.

Makola Market is a huge market in Accra. I saw lots of things I had never seen before! There were different sections of the market,a section for meat,fruits,vegetables,clothes,shoes,jewellery,everything you can think of.The fruits and vegetables on display were of different varieties.I had never seen this much of variety in Europe.

There were so many people at the market too!! I kept staring at everyone and wondering what their daily lives would be like. I looked forward to what the months ahead had in store for me in Ghana.I had a few months to experience the culture and and interact with the Ghanaian people.

Juls:Straight out of Makola.

We all shared a good laugh.

Esasina:What are the two things you will miss when you leave Ghana?

Fabia:1. I will miss my Twi lessons with Wofa Kwaku

2.Definitely I will miss working at the embassy.

Juls:What will I miss?

1.The friendly and helpful people of Ghana.

2.The unpredictable life of Ghana in a positive way as compared to Germany.

Esasina: Nice,but I know you like structure so explain further.

Juls: Yep,I like structure but not in every area of my life and not all the time.So for example,after work,I pick a shared taxi and depending on the route the driver uses,there might be traffic or we will have to wait till all the seats are occupied before we move,but in Germany,I pick a train or bus and know the exact time it will take to commute.There is an ambiance of spontaneity in Ghana,I like that actually,it’s not boring or predictable.

And I will add one more,even though you asked for two! I will miss eating fried sweet potato😫😫.

Esasina :Of course,Juls it goes without saying,you love sweet potatoes!

Esasina :What would you tell anyone visiting Ghana for the first time?

Fabia:Embrace the country and the people

Julius :Enjoy your time because time passes by too quickly.

Don’t judge and be open minded.

Observe first and react after.

……Fabia had to leave and head to her hostel…so we continued without her.

Esasina:Juls, let’s hear your favorite Ghanaian English sentences or phrases?

Juls:It’s such a long list,are you ready ?

Esasina : *Laughing* yes I am!

Juls: 1.Chale!

2.Come again please (instead of “pardon”)

3.Small small


5.I beg you Chale.

Esasina :What are your last words Juls Kwesi (his locally acquired name) ?

Juls: I am looking forward to coming back soon,I would choose Ghana over and over again.I had a nice time in Ghana.I will never forget the office road trip to Anum,the ambiance,the conversation,the food and activities we all had to do as a team: kayaking and hiking.It was the highlight of my stay in Ghana.

………………………END OF INTERVIEW…………………..

I am sad that Juls is leaving,I actually shed a few tears during his farewell party.

He is an amazing work colleague and cracks me up on a daily.

I am glad our paths crossed and thank you for being a great friend and work colleague Juls.

As long as there are aeroplanes,I know there will be a reunion soon.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

All the best Juls and Fabia!!

Thank you for reading this post and Merry Christmas to you all!

You have been nothing but amazing readers.



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