You’re not graduating.

Hello there!

I have bottled this sweet and sour experience for awhile and today,I just want to share my story with you.

I joined the University of Ghana in 2013,my first and second years were not the smoothest. Fortunately ,I found my footing in my third year and decided to work extra hard at school. I had the opportunity to study in France for a year and to the glory of God,I aced my French exams with distinction.After year abroad,I came back to Ghana to do an extra year (Yes! all year abroad students stay in school for FIVE YEARS instead of the usual FOUR YEARS ).In my fifth year,I lived off Campus,in a hostel at North Legon,it was not the most comfortable experience because I had to commute to and fro University of Ghana everyday.

December 2017…

At a Church service,Auntie Debbie Of Zion Impact Ministries(Ghana), called me out and told me about a vision she had had of me.In the vision,my mother and I were crying over my transcript because I had performed poorly and I had to re-do my five years of university. We all joined hands and prayed against the plans of the devil and asked God for restoration in my academics.

At the time she had the vision,I was supposed to retake two of my level 200 courses. I started the process and retook the papers, to the glory of God, I had an A in one and a B+ in the other.

I had heard lecturers say that it was almost impossible to increase your GPA in your final year especially if you did not start well in level 100 and 200.

God had also assured me of my graduation and restoration in my academics.On many days, I had my doubts about graduating with good grades,because my final year in university was challenging. I kept trusting God and hoping for the best even though my transcript kept screaming otherwise.

A miracle happened, my grade point increased significantly to the Glory of God in my final year.I could not help but be grateful to God.

The next hurdle was the graduation list…

I have heard of different queer stories about the mysterious incidents that could prevent an eligible final year student from graduating so I did not stop praying and thanking God for the victory ahead.

I had to wait for the graduation list to be put up online.The link was shared on Thursday 1st November,2018 on most of my class Whatsapp groups.The link required one to input either their surname or their index number.I quickly typed my surname ; “Kodjo.”

In three seconds, this popped up on my screen.

I tried again…

I tried again and again but I kept getting the same results.

I started panicking and told a friend of mine about the situation, we prayed about it and he tried to calm me down, I was struggling to remain calm. What was the problem? I was confused.

A few friends started randomly checking up on me to find out why my name was not on the list, I told them to keep me in their prayers because I was clueless about all that was happening.

Why is my name not on the list?

Everyone has already been asking when I was going to graduate now this ‘yawa’ has happened…

What was the problem?

My GPA had increased considerable so why?

I can’t disgrace Mummy, Daddy and Keni, they have believed in me and is this the end result?

Was it is a mistake?

But God promised I was going to graduate so…

Why could I not have a normal process like all my other classmates?

Deep deep down in my heart, I knew I was qualified to graduate so I did not understand what was happening. I had a strong conviction from the Holy Spirit that this problem was going to be resolved and the devil was trying to frustrate me. I knew God could have allowed a trouble-free process but there was purpose in this storm so I was facing it with Him.

I told my Boss at work about the situation and he gave me permission to leave work to Campus immediately. I printed out my transcript and took off to Campus. 
I am thankful to God for my friends, some were constantly calling me for updates and to make sure I was okay. A few of my friends on Campus were willing to escort me to the College of Humanties’ office.

When I got to Campus,I went to the Geography department to see the Examination Supervisor. He confirmed that I was qualified to graduate and advised that  I should check with my other department ,the French department. The French Examination Supervisor was on maternity leave so the Head of Department, took it upon himself to accompany me to the University of Ghana Computer Systems’ office, I was touched by that gesture. I handed a photocopy of my transcript to them at the office and they said they would rectify the problem. I thanked my Professor heartily and headed back to work without knowing what the problem was or when things would turn around for the better.

I just had to wait…

I checked all afternoon and evening but my name was still not on the list.

I kept praying and asking God to make a way for me…

Friday,2nd November,2018 at 7pm…

One of my close friends called to check up on me and at the end of the conversation he said,”Kwor,your name is on the list .”

I just froze for a few seconds and there were tears of joy in my eyes.I quickly said goodbye to him and checked on my phone.


I saw my name on the screen!

There it was,my name was on the graduating list.I was overjoyed and couldn’t help but thank God and update everyone who knew about my situation.

I was not valedictorian,but I am proud of myself and all I was able to achieve in the last five years.I know that God has moved mountains for me in the area of my academics these past 5 years and I am more than thankful.

In the past five years…

I have met amazing people,

I have learnt so much,

I have become a better person,

I have made mistakes,

I have seen God work miracles in my life,

I have laughed hard,

I have learnt to trust God more

And I bagged that degree in Geography and Resource Development and French.

I know my life is a testimony to God’s glory…

There were days I wanted to give up ,

There were days I slept behind my books in the study room,

There were days I had great group discussions with my study group,

There were days I did not feel adequately prepared for my tests,

There were days I did not want to get out of bed to class ,

There were days I wrote exams and moved straight to an event to my part-time job(wedding planning),

And there was this day,I walked upstage to receive my Bachelor’s degree and it was worth all the ups and downs.


Congratulations to the Class of 2018! It’s been a rough ride but God has been faithful all the way to the end.We made it!

Thank you God for all you do for me!

Thank you Mummy, Keni, Yvonne, Lady, Baaba, Theodicy, Nana Akua , Nate, Gerard, Greg, Dzidzi and  Christian for coming to support me on my graduation day.God bless you all. Thank you to all who have been there for me in the past five years, you are a part of my testimony .I appreciate all of you.

My beautiful graduation pictures (see below)were shot by Gerard Nartey @photogerard on Instagram.

My dress was made by @Akunsah on Instagram.

I did my hair, my make up and sketched my dress.


Esasina (The girl whose life is a living testimony of God’s goodness.)

Thank you Mummy and Keni.
Thank you to my family and friends!
Thank you to my amazing friends.
You don’t need music to dance,when the song of praise to God is in your spirit.

52 thoughts on “You’re not graduating.

  1. It’s simply inspiring! I’m blessed by the fact that you constantly resolve to trust God. It’s a recurring theme and that’s amazing. I can hear the songs of praise in your heart and I’m dancing!!

    Congratulations Padikwor! Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwww George,thank you.The journey has not been an easy one but God has remained faithful.May God give us strength to totally rely on Him when it doesn’t make sense to do so.God bless you🤗🤗🤗


  2. That’s an awesome testimony! My testimony is quite similar to yours and I’m glad you made it through.God bless you for sharing and congrats.Greater testimonies are ahead.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hmmmmmm….. The word is grace and it’s very powerful. God gives to us what we do not desrve from human perspective. I’m grateful to God for ur life and wish for better ones ahead. Congrats kwor

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Sena….I’ve been a keen reader of ur posts. You tell ur stories in such a beautiful way!.I’m also a french student at university of Ghana. Unfortunately, I can’t read today’s post pls is there a problem ?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Benedicta,thank you for reading my stories.Awwww,all the best with your degree,may God grant you success in the end.Please drop your email address and I will send you the link please or please try again.


  5. This is a very beautiful and touching testimony Esasina! I’m very proud of you and this awe-inspiring achievement! Keep soaring and tapping into the blessings God has written and endorsed on your life! AMEN!

    Best Wishes,

    Liked by 1 person

  6. This is so touching . Indeed , our God is faithful . First time reading your blog and I must confess , you are a good writer . Thank God it all ended in praise. Congratulations Padikwor 🎊🙌🏻. Better days ahead 🥂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Absolutely loved reading this. You inspire me each time and you are such an amazing person!
    Miss you so much and really do hope you will come visit me in the South of France one day.
    You always have a place to stay with us!

    hugs from your russian friend Dasha xox

    Liked by 1 person

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