Humble Beginnings

It’s good to be back here after a few weeks of silence.
There are a few new updates Fam!
Are you ready??


I have a new job ,well it’s National Service (the compulsory one year service to the nation after tertiary education in Ghana).

I work as a marketing assistant in an international institution.
This job is a dream come true, I believe in praying into the future and journaling my prayer requests and plans.
I have always wanted to work in an international company that would build my skills and create an enabling environment for me to become better.
I prayed for friendly colleagues who value teamwork and would challenge me to give off my best.
Guys, believe you me, I got all this and so much more. I have been working here for the past two months and it’s been a wonderful experience.



I look forward to work every single day.

There is always something hilarious to laugh about at work.

I love how the team works together like a family.

We all look out for each other and it’s a genuine expression of togetherness.

We work hard and get things done!

I always look forward to the treats (toffees, biscuits, chocolates) that are put at the centre of the office almost every week or the Fan milk ice cream days.




I have learnt so much these past months!
On my first day, one of my bosses took me through my first project, initially it looked like such an overwhelming task. A few weeks down the line, I completed the task and it was heart warming to hear her acknowledge everyone’s effort in making the project a success.




My first contact with this company was in 2013 when I volunteered to assist with a market research they were conducting.
I still kept in touch with a few of the workers so when they needed a hostess for one of their events, they offered me the job.
For three consecutive years I worked part time as a hostess at their international fairs and I enjoyed interacting with the international exhibitors and participants, brewing coffee, serving biscuits and welcoming all visitors at the stand with a broad smile.

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might. Ecclesiastes 9:10a

Today, I get to work in this international company, because I did my best as a hostess serving coffee and tea,
And God did the rest!

I am thankful to God and all the different people who have encouraged me and been pillars of support on this journey.
Thank you all so much.
God bless you all.

A big welcome to all my new readers and to all those who pass by to read my blog.
I am sending a big, warm hug your way and appreciate you all.
You know I love hearing from you, comment and share your thoughts in the comment section below.





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