Friday Night Out

Hi there!

When the year began I promised to treat myself occasionally to an outing or some pampering.

Last Friday,I went to Pinkberry,East Legon with a friend of mine,Ben.

I got there after 8:15pm,I was late for our hangout.Don’t blame me, my Uber driver cancelled so I had to pick a loading taxi to American House instead.

The Pinkberry at East Legon was crowded so Ben and I decided to hang around a bit until we got seats.I boldly put my empty bag on my seat and Ben followed suit by placing his book on his seat.We had to save our seats Fam, for we were heading to the counter to place our order.

We sampled about 5 of the flavours available and guess what?

Pink berry has new flavours; Meyer Lemon,Wildberry and the Caramel!! Frozen yogurt in all these amazing flavours! This is everything!!

I loved the Caramel flavour the most, it is the kind of flavour that you can get addicted to,trust me,it tastes out of this world.After sampling the Caramel flavour I couldn’t help but say,this is it! My new found love at Pinkberry!!!

We had the Caramel flavour and the Original Pinkberry with cheesecake bites,cone pieces,gummy bears and M&M’s.

I had a hearty discussion with a few people I met there,did a mini photo shoot because there was an official Pinkberry photographer available. Yes,you know me so well.I love photos.I took a few photos because I wanted to share my experience at Pinkberry with all of you.

You are always on my mind,my dear

We sampled the new Pinkberry sandwich,it tastes really good!

Thank you Pinkberry for all the samples, you guys are really good at what you do.

See you soon!

Cheers to many more fun nights out!!

I hope you’ll also take a break to hang out sometime soon.It’s always worth every second!


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