My Tribe Of Women

Women are their own enemies is a lie I’ve often heard.

I’ve had a lot of women stand by me and encourage me all my life.

Most of the people who have got my back are women.

I won’t deny the fact that a few women have left me scarred but thankfully I learnt from those experiences.

The good outweighs the bad and can never mask the love I receive from my amazing tribe of women.



This is to the diverse roles women have played in my life! These are a few of my real life experiences.xx




The many times I had to do my homework,she sat by me and supervised my work.

She proofreads all my essays.

She randomly takes me out on dates.

She was my Valentine when I did not have a boyfriend in first year.

Anytime I am late to class,I know for sure that she has definitely saved me a seat.

She vets my crushes.”No Kwor,this boy is not well-mannered” or “Yes Kwor,he obviously likes you,let’s give it some time.”


She prays for hours with me.

She spent her whole afternoon with me on Skype because I was down.

She shared her student mattress with me when I came for a sleepover.

She opened up her home and heart to me when we barely knew each other.

She drives me around in her car.

She gave me her clothes to wear when I misplaced my room key.


She took a day off to take me on a tour around the city.

She comforts me when I’m down.

She cheers me on every time!

She forgives me when I offend her.

She stayed up all night with me just to talk and catch up on life.

She helped me carry my three heavy suitcases up the third floor (there was no elevator).


She keeps me in check.

She bought me chocolate before my exams because I was nervous.

She wakes me up when I am being a sleepyhead.

She says “I love you” after every phone call.

She makes me laugh so hard,my ribs hurt.

She took the risk of employing a green horn like me,as a part-time worker in her company.


She believes in me.

She buys me call credits

She helps me put up silly choreographies just for fun.

She said,” Kwor,you better start blogging!” and I did…

She encouraged me to apply for the job.

She studies with me in the library.



The “she” or “her” represents the many amazing roles that different women have played in my life.From family members to friends to strangers to acquaintances to accountability partners to employers to teachers to classmates to support systems to babies to social media connects to colleagues to EVERY WOMAN who has played a role directly or indirectly in my life, Thank you for being You!


Much Love,




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