One more day…

Why did they say time will heal me?

You will go weeks without thinking of him,

You will stop crying after a few years,

You will not miss him that much anymore,


They lied!

I miss you every passing day and I wish you were here but you are in a better place,


for garnering 1st Honors in Academic Excellence for the school year 2016-2017. Presented on the 28th of September, year two thousand and seventeen.(1)



One more day to hold you tight and smell your fragrance of Tomford Black Orchid.

One more day to ask you tough questions about the Bible.

Give me one more day to play you the latest hit songs and teach you the new dance moves.


One more day to introduce the gentleman I really like to you.

One more day so we can go grocery shopping for the house.

Give me one more day so we can take a road trip and explore the new hotels in Ghana.


One more day Daddy…


One more day to hear you laugh so hard and watch your small eyes sink deep into its sockets like mine.

One more day to pose and take photos with you,

One more day so that we can sit together as a family,share a good meal and laugh till our ribs hurt.

Give me one more day to tell you about my plans, hopes and fears as I finish university.


One more day Daddy…

Oh what I will do to have you for just more one day!



With each passing day,I make new memories and it breaks my heart you are not physically present in any of them.

It’s been almost 6 years since you left but on some days,I am convinced you are on a long trip in a far away country and you will return soon.

On many nights,I am certain,you will tuck me in and give me a good night kiss.

I am still hoping to see a phone call from “Daddy.”

Your laughter plays out in my head often,

I promise you,sometimes I hear your voice saying,”Miss Kwor ” or “Esasina,” and every single time,I turn around in hopeful expectation only to see nobody.



I miss you every passing day,

I don’t know if time heals but my healing has come from God,His Word and genuine love from my loved ones and family.

Everyday,I remember you and feel your absence,but it is well.



Happy 75th birthday Daddy.I love you,always have and always will.

If I could have one more day…


Love your family and friends,

Forgive easily and don’t hold grudges against people.

Be at peace with everyone.

For there are many seasons in life,

Enjoy each season and make the most out of it.

Take your walk with God seriously and make prayer your lifestyle.



Esasina 😘.


Photo Credit : Enoch K.A Osei

40 thoughts on “One more day…

  1. I was captivated from beginning to end. I tell your love for him was so deep from your words and he sounds like a great Father and Friend. God is your healer and comforter. May he fill your vacuum and restore you to wholeness. πŸ’žπŸ’ž

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  2. One more day….you bring back a lot of memories. Some of yours “look” like mine. I miss him too…and yes time has not done it,God has. Did not know it was possible to miss someone that much and for so long..It is well. Ever so kind and ever so loving…unique. Oh for just one day. God is your strength my dear. Love to you. Forever in my heart Uncle Peter.

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  3. Miss Kwor

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

    You have spoken for most of us who have lost our daddies,(especially those of us called ‘daddy’s girls).

    Yes Miss Kwor, time is a healer, when you allow the peace of God to rest in you.

    It is well and know that you are not alone.

    Be strong.

    I love you.

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  4. A hearty message that only the deepest part of our hearts can relate to and comprehend. Thanks for sharing your sentiments they are poignant but aptly and beautifully captured. It’s immense value will be forever treasured and never forgotten.
    #God alone can heal.

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