It’s 2018,baby!!

It’s been 15 days since 2018 started  I am really excited about the year and all that is yet to come.

This year,I have decided to do a number of things differently and I hope I will be faithful to the end.I have set realistic goals that will help me become a better person.

1. I need to build a better relationship with God,I say this every year,but end up doing otherwise later in the year.I have started a Daily Bible Reading Year plan which is in my ESV(English Revised Version) study Bible,there are other  free online versions for those who are interested at I prefer my hard copy Bible because I know how tempting it will be to see Whatsapp notifications popping up on my screen during my devotion time.Every morning before I take my phone,I finish the readings for the day,make notes and spend time praying to God.Fortunately,I am on holidays so for the past few weeks it’s been great! When school resumes and my busy schedule starts,I will need to have the discipline to wake up early and spend time with God even when my bed seems to be coziest.I love the fact that I get to spend the first hours of my day with God and to pray into my day before it unfolds.



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2.I need to explore Ghana and to visit different towns and various tourist attractions.When I was little,my Daddy used to take us on road trips to Cape Coast,Ada,Akosombo, Akuse, Krobo and its environs.I miss those days and I am looking forward to doing this in 2018.The picturesque mountain top views,cascading waterfalls,the fresh breeze on the highways,the succulent fruits on display during market days,fishermen casting their nets and singing in unison,and many more reasons are my motivation to explore my country.I love Ghana.I will definitely keep you all posted here on my blog.

Looking for love_



3.This year I am going to invest time into achieving a few goals.Everyone looks at me and assumes I am fit and sporty…lol! Do not be deceived,I have not been intentional about exercising and keeping fit but fortunately I am still slim.I can’t touch my toes without bending my knees which is unfortunate.Then,I cannot swim too well,so I am the young lady who will stay close to the walls of the pool for fear that she might drown.I almost drowned when I was in class 3 and I think it is about time I got over this fear because I love being in water.Kwor’s physical goal this year is to learn how to swim and to work out more often.Consistency is key.


4.This year,I plan on reading more books at least one book every month.I was very lazy last year with regards to reading.I am turning over a new leaf.

5.I will write more this year,here on the blog and in my journal.Putting ideas down and writing down your thoughts is a way of de-stressing.I get excited when I read my old journals and appreciate the growth that has taken place.We easily forget and writing keeps our memories and plans safe in a book.Write when you can.Just try it!

6.I plan on taking myself out on a date at least once every month.Taking time off to a new environment or setting has a relaxing feel.Be it fancy,cheap,expensive,whatever it is,please give yourself a treat once in awhile.Going to see a movie,play,eating out,taking a walk in a park,going to the pool,walking along the beach,shopping,whatever it may be,just do it and have fun.

Yep,so these are the few things I have decided to do this year.I will keep you all posted on how it goes and feel free to get in touch with me occasionally on social media.I love hearing from you all.

2018 is a journey we are all on and even if we take baby steps,we will get to our destination.

Looking for love_(1).jpg

Baby steps!!!

Enjoy the journey.

God’s grace is sufficient for us.

With Love,



27 thoughts on “It’s 2018,baby!!

  1. Love the goals you’ve set for year especially exploring Ghana and taking yourself out on dates. I believe it’s very necessary. With theses goals, which I know you will achieve, 2018 will be an AMAZING year for you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kwor I like your ambitions for this year. I pray that God continues to shine His Face upon you and His Mighty hand over you as you do all these.
    I like the God factor before the others.
    I believe there is more you can add to these with the God factor.
    More Grace and it is well with you.
    In Jesus name… Amen!

    Liked by 1 person

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