Get out of your head!

Hiii my dear readers,I met about 4 of my readers this week.It was such a heartwarming experience,thank you for reading when I post and giving me feedback.xx.

So much love to my October readers from Ghana,United Kingdom,United States,Russia,India,France,Australia,Brazil,South Africa,Canada and Singapore!

You are the best.

I am humbled.





Why are they looking at me?

Why didn’t the janitor say “good morning”?

Why has my friend not been in touch for over a week?

Why are they pointing in my direction and laughing?

Why was the waitress not smiling at me?

Please get out of your head.

It’s not always about you.

No one’s world revolves around you.

Everyone has a battle he or she is fighting.





Get out of your head!

They are not looking at you,you just happen to be standing in the spot where their Daddy lost his life during the fire explosion.

Be the first to greet the janitor,smile and walk away.

Your friend is going through a hard time,pray for her and check up on her irrespective of her unexciting response.

They are not laughing at you,you happen to be seated behind a comedian who is making funny faces.

Go out of your way and ask the waitress,”How is your day going?”


Get out of your head!

It is really not about you darling!

Work on yourself.

Build yourself up!

Be comfortable with you,

Go the extra mile and be nice to people.

Give people second chances.

It pays to be nice to others.

Get out of your head.



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4 thoughts on “Get out of your head!

  1. It’s very common these days to have people especially our generation, thinking the world revolves around them and for them to wish the universe would always bow at their feet. We find ourselves in an egocentric era.
    I love this and I wish a lot of people will get to read this!

    Liked by 1 person

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