News Flash!!

Welcome to October my loves.

Whosh it’s been awhile!

I missed you too and I am sorry for the silence.

I am not in the best of moods right now because this is the second time I am writing this post.I am in the IAC lounge and the computer I am using just went off so I lost everything I had typed even though I clicked on “Restore Previous Session.” I also did not click on ‘Save’ so it was not in my WordPress drafts.Lesson learnt.

Quel dommage!

It’s fine,my ranting is over now.

Fam,a lot has been happening these past few weeks.

I live in a hostel off Campus.

I have a new roommate.

School is keeping me on my toes,my toes hurt already.


I decided to live in a hostel off campus because it is reasonably priced and it is only a few minutes away from my uni.Initially,my Mummy did not agree,”No Esasina,you will not live off campus.Staying on campus is your only option and it is safer.” I prayed and tried my best to convince her to agree,finally,she agreed.My Mummy is over-protective of my sister and me so I understand why she disagreed in the beginning.

I am not the easiest person to live with,so I started praying about my new roommate months before I returned to Ghana.I know how difficult it might be to share a room with someone you can’t tolerate,I did not want that at all.I consciously try not to take part in throwing tantrums,fuel heated and unnecessary arguments or cause friction between two or more parties.I did not want a petty and annoying roommate.I avoid drama,unless it is staged,rehearsed or on screens.

A friend from Church camp randomly called me because she was looking for a hostel.We spoke and agreed to being roommates.God knows my heart danced salsa that instant.

fremont hotel _ el nido palawanseptember 22, 2019 _ 3pm


I have a new roommate and she is amazing,we have not had any fights She is like a sister to me and I enjoy her company.A few people claim we look alike,it’s probably because we have similar features.I look forward to going back to room everyday after school.I am thankful to God for her,and I pray that this bond will last and be purposeful.Pray about the big things,pray about the little things,God cares about all things.xx


I am in my final year at University of Ghana and all my lecturers except nothing but hard work from me.Most of my days are draining but I take solace in knowing that,this too shall pass.I am doing my best and it will pay off.







14 thoughts on “News Flash!!

  1. Sina…trust me, I can relate!
    I opted for a 2-in-a-room hostel but all wishes trash bagged, unluckily getting a 4′. I was late to book one, and the few available were super non-affordable. But I prayed my head off that my roomies will carry the very best aura I can tolerate & admire. Long story short, they’ve been amazing so far. Morally inclined. 2 are neutral & subtle in character, and the third roomie? An extreme crazy humorist mehnn! Hahaha 😅

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  2. Esasina. 3no so y3 nice name lol. Good piece though. I try to hide most of my personal life away from my writing but This read was…strangely interesting. I couldn’t write like this, not yet anyway. 💪Check my latest out though, you’ll like it

    Liked by 1 person

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