Exactly a year ago,I landed in France and found myself looking up every new French word I saw on billboards,on menus and in books.

I was shocked at how most vehicles metres away anytime I used the zebra-crossing,I liked the order.

Croissants,baguettes,ham and cheese were constantly on my grocery shopping list.

Little did I know that,a year down the lane,I would come back to Ghana and voluntarily eat Camembert(type of French cheese) at hotel buffets,scout for good bakeries with baguettes and croissants.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have the whole world in my class,yes,there was at least a student from each continent.


I discovered a lot about myself,

I thought only Ghanaian dishes could whet my appetite until I tried dishes from Columbia,Syria,Japan,France,Sweden and from other countries.At end of semester parties,we all brought a meal or drink to share with others,it was always such a huge FEAST.

Have you heard of Columbian or Turkish music? I just could not help but move to these tunes at class parties.

I did not think I would miss waking up every morning to go to school.School was fun and the class sizes were small.We had very interesting ateliers,I for example had “Apprendre par le jeu” translated as “Learning with games” as my atelier,we made a new French board game.We were so proud of ourselves.

I swam in the deep sea of Juan les Pin,France and enjoyed every second of it,even though my Mummy was not particularly happy after I sent her the photos.



I have built lasting friendships and some of my best memories in life so far,happened during my stay in France.

I have had a few people ask me for advice on year abroad or staying in France.I always say this, enjoy every moment,be true to yourself,have fun,take pictures,make friends and lastly…

Guess what else?


Do not put yourself in a box,it’s amazing the new things you will discover about you.

Give it a year!!!





Esasina(I miss my dear readers so much.)




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