A lot can happen in a year.

My dear readers!!!

Gosh,it’s been awhile.

I have told myself almost everyday to sit and to write this post.It’s been a long time coming and I am sorry it took me forever (thirty days) to finally sit on my small behind and get this over and done with.

News FLASH!!

My year abroad in France is over so I am back in Ghana,my homeland.

Alex's grad party(3)

A lot can happen in a year.


I arrived in Ghana on Friday 7th of July.2017 at 8:00pm at the Kotoka International airport.The airport shuttle came for passengers in batches.A few minutes after boarding the shuttle,I realized that I had left my hat on the plane.After thinking about all the possible dress combinations I could rock with the hat,I went back to the airplane and in no time,I had my hat in my hands.The driver was so friendly and offered to drive me(the left behind passenger)all the way to the airplane and back.



I was directed to the hall of arrival and joined a long queue to go through passport checks. Whilst waiting impatiently for my turn,I quickly turned on my Wi-Fi, only to see that I couldn’t connect automatically to any of the available options. For the past year,by default,I always turn on my Wi-Fi to have internet access in public places.



During the passport check,I had a short but interesting conversation with the officer.I gave her a 1 minute French lesson upon request and she cracked me up the whole time.I found my bags after over 30 minutes of waiting by the baggage carousel and thankfully, I did not have to slot a coin to get a luggage trolley.I was super excited but tired.I wheeled my trolley to the entrance and I was welcomed by the Ghanaian heat.It was super hot with many people anxiously waiting at the entrance.I found my squad and headed home with them.




The Back to Ghana from France Influence.

I don’t remember the last time I  video-called anyone on Whats App or live streamed a movie or sermon.I am learning to cope with the slow internet connection,the expensive mobile data rates and embracing the fact that I can’t access Wi-Fi in every public space.Everyone suggests I buy a Mi-Fi,let’s see about that one.

I am now used to giving the “bises or bisous” (a peck on each cheek) and I am an unashamed hugger now.If we are well-acquainted,I will impulsively give you a hug than a handshake.France did this to me!

The prices of commodities and services in Ghana have increased.Picking a trotro (minibus) is even expensive these days,trotro which is supposed to be one of the cheapest means of transport.I look forward to seeing a more organized system of transport where you don’t have to wait for over 30 minutes at a bus station and where bus fares are reasonably priced.My first week in Ghana,I kept complaining to my friends and family about how easily many Ghanaians settle for anything substandard.Being away exposed me to a different perspective of thinking and I know all the development and advancement I saw in Europe can happen here too on Ghanaian soil.

I have become more intrepid.I boldly ask for help from anyone when I have to or confidently share my opinion with others.I always say to myself,”There is no harm in trying,Kwor.” I sincerely compliment others and smile more often these days.

I say “C’est pas grave”(which means it’s not a big deal or it is fine),almost everyday.When we miss the junction,when we join the traffic jam! Every time things go haywire,I try to remain sane and not to worry.I have learnt to trust God because He came through for me in France when I was helpless and there was no one to turn to.God mysteriously made a way for me when I was broke.This is the testimony on Instagram.

Lastly,my DIY game is solid.I prefer to make gifts myself rather than buying them.I have started hunting for materials to make gifts.I am going back to my first love,painting.Amazingly,God keeps inspiring me with ideas,I will keep you posted on how it all goes.

I am glad to be back home.

France moulded a better Kwor out of me and I am enjoying the new mould.

I want to thank all those who have been messaging me privately and encouraging me to post on the blog.God bless you all.






11 thoughts on “A lot can happen in a year.

  1. How come I feel like that this will be me when I go home next year by Gods grace to Sierra Leone after studying for three years in Zimbabwe?😏 I guess a lot can change in a year or lemme say in three years

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  2. Aww Thank God for all the great/learning experiences that are shaping you into who you are. I’d love to visit both Ghana and France someday. In Cameroon the trolleys in the airport do have those coin slots so its a nightmare when I land from South Africa, with no CFA currency 😂.

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  3. Salut Esasina , je ne savais pas que tu a un blog 🙂 c’est super!! Mes meilleurs voeux pour toi dans l’avenir… Bon courage a toi, j’espère quelque jour on se retrouve encore soit en France ou peut-être en Ghana 🙂 tu a #newfollower …. Amitiés… Luz from Colombia 🙂

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