My Trip To Sweden.

This is a continuation of my previous  post, if you have not read it yet, please do so.

I checked in at Paris Orly and waited for awhile (30 minutes) before boarding because my flight was delayed.

I flew with Norwegian Airlines and paid €38 for my air ticket.When flying with any airline, please visit the airline’s website and thoroughly read their flight details and baggage requirements.It varies from airline to airline,there are similarities but also variations.

So for example for  hand luggage, Norwegian Airlines allow liquids in maximum 100ml containers,all the containers must be put in ONE resealable transparent bag or Ziploc bag of maximum 1 litre.

Guess what people?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone is not allowed on the flight. Imagine if you had not read the conditions of carriage and had your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 during check-in, it would have been confiscated!

Just spare yourself the trouble; please read the baggage conditions before you arrive at the airport, especially if you are not a frequent traveler.

My flight was relatively cheap because,I did not choose my seat on the flight(that costs €12 ), I traveled with just my hand luggage(of maximum weight 10kg) and lastly because I chose the economy class.On Norwegian Airlines, there is no charge on your hand luggage so yes! I took advantage of this and packed for a three week trip into my hand luggage. I have learnt to pack light and to pick only the essentials.

My seat was closest to the aisle and there was a lady on my row in the window seat but the seat between us was empty. She decided to move into an empty seat by her friend two rows away.Before the plane took off,I was in the window seat because thankfully she had moved.I just couldn’t help but smile.God knows I love window seats and the view from above.
The flight from Paris Orly to Copenhagen was for about 2 hours.It was a smooth​ trip.Thank you Norwegian airlines.

Aerial view of France.

Copenhagen from above.

By midnight,I was at the Copenhagen airport and my friend came to pick me up.We picked the train from the airport and in less than 25 minutes we were in Malmö, Sweden.

I spent most of my time at the World Maritime University’s Bistrot,writing blog posts,eating and watching movies.Everyone at WMU was so kind to me.Thank you to everyone who gave me their bus card to use at a point,that gesture melted my heart.

I ate so much in Malmö,thanks to Nico,Nicolas and Elsa,the chefs at the School’s Bistrot.They are very kind and friendly.You guys are the best and the food was crème de la crème.Thank you so much.

I met people from all over the world in Sweden and I made new friends.This is Shahn,my witty and funny Indian friend who does not mince his words and who cooks so well.

I was invited to a Filipino feast at Helsingborg and that was an adventure on its own,we missed our train stop and mysteriously could not find Manny,but we finally reached our destination.The party was incredible,we ate,danced,played,we had a ball! 

I have never been to the beach on a rainy day,but Sweden made it happen.After Church,I had a picnic with my hostess Theodicy and her Swedish host family.We drove to the beach and had an amazing time in the rain.I even did the #Ladder Challenge in the ocean.Thank you Ralf and Lotte.

I had lunch with four beautiful and intelligent women ; Hileni and Leena from Namibia,Ntsako from South Africa and Theodicy from Ghana. I tried the Swedish meat balls with berry sauce and potatoes,it was so good.

Sweden is a beautiful country and the Swedes are friendly people; from the transport  controllers to the bus drivers to random people on the streets to shopkeepers. Everyone says “Hej” or “Hej Hej”(it has the same prononciation and translation as “hey” in English.) I noticed that people are very polite here,they greet on the bus and say “Tack” (thank you) to the bus driver when they get off.

I enjoyed every single day and cherish all the special memories.Sweden,please continue to make the Wi-Fi on the buses fast and accessible to the public,we love it.Sweden,I love your blend of modern and traditional architecture,you do it so well.

I could hardly take my eyes off the sunset and the bridges over the rivers in town.

I just had a hard time with the strong winds of Sweden.Whoosh,it was super windy on a few days and at a point,the wind almost blew me away.

To my hostess and big sister Theodicy, thank you so much for allowing me to invade your space.You shared your friends, classmates,money,food and room with me.I thank God for your life and thank you for having me over.I love you a lot and the bonding was necessary!

Thank you for reading,

Love, Esasina.xoxo.

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