My student-friendly travel adventure.

I’m that young​ lady who loves shopping,but I would rather travel the world in one t-shirt than sit in my room and shop for clothes from all over the world.

Boy Oh Boy!

I love to travel.

Before I came to France,my family and I had made about 2 trips to Europe,I was so young I can’t even remember. Daddy promised us a few family trips to Kenya,South Africa and to Europe,but life happened,he got really sick and unfortunately died. Mummy is still carrying the family trip vision in her heart,I believe it will soon happen,God is faithful.

When it happens,I will totally keep you all posted.Kisses to my readers.

I follow travel blogs,travel accounts on Facebook and on Instagram.Seeing people share different stories from all over the world stirs up a lot of excitement in my heart especially from Africa because it is such a beautiful continent.

I’ve a prayer and thanksgiving wall here in France,it has my testimonies, prayer requests,my favourite ​Bible verses and a photo of my Daddy.I’m inspired every morning by my wall.

It is easy to create!

Please create one and send me photos.xoxo

On my prayer wall I have a prayer  request, “God,I want to travel to … (a list of countries I want to visit).Sweden was one of the countries on my prayer wall guys!! Yes it was.

A friend from Ghana, studying in Sweden contacted me on Instagram​ asking me to visit her after my exams.

Look at God!!

Just out of the blue…

He knows His children inside out and always comes through for us,the  Bible tells us in the book of Philippians,the Message version,

“Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life.”

Philippians 4:6‭-‬7 MSG.

It is easier said than done you know!

When my bank account is not smiling as much as I am but I know that, if God be for me,who can be against me?

Can my current bank account? The hustle of traveling from Nancy to Sweden? The frantic search for cheap fares? Or the hustle of packing everything I need for a two week trip into my small bag (hand luggage​ is free so I had to be wise.)
 What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31 NIV


Nancy,where I live,does not have an international airport so my options were to go to Paris, Strasbourg,Luxembourg or Metz for my trip to Sweden. My aim was to look for cheap flights ONLY,I was working with a tight budget.

I spent hours online,taking notes and looking for the best deal.My plan was,from Nancy to Metz by train,Metz to Paris by car (Blablacar),Paris to Paris Orly by métro and bus,Paris Orly to Copenhagen by flight and Copenhagen Airport to Malmö (30 minutes by train).

From Nancy to Metz was free because I had a free train pass from a friend.I travelled from Metz to Paris with the carpooling app, Blablacar, which connects drivers and passengers  willing to travel together between cities and sharing the cost of the journey.

Please visit for more details.

In Paris,I used the métro which was €1.90 from Porte de Bagnolet to Denfert-Rochereau, picked an Orly bus from Denfert Rochereau-Métro-RER to Paris Orly.The bus pass to Paris Orly was €8,which is pretty expensive but yes,Welcome to Paris !!!

If you are a student and you love to travel,look these sites up ASAP. You will find deals that will leave you gaping.Please visit the following:

I paid €38 for my flight from Paris Orly to Copenhagen.

A quick tip, please book in ADVANCE!!

After booking a flight,download the airline’s phone app if one is available on Google Play Store or App Store.I advise you create an account on the phone app for easy access to your travel details.

Many airlines give travellers with accounts travel rewards.

So enjoy!

It’s all up to you though…


Unless I am fasting,I love to eat so before I went on my trip,I shopped for juice,bananas, biscuit and baguette (French bread) and made a tomato-tuna sandwich with a generous amount of mustard and ketchup.I was ready to weather the hunger storm that I knew would hit my stomach later.

I got to Paris Orly at 5pm,4 solid hours before departure time.You can’t blame me,that happens when you have to pay for your own flight.

As I waited,I munched on my two bananas and croissants.Food from airports are remarkably expensive so my home-made snack was helpful.


I applaud Paris Orly for their neat washrooms with full length mirrors,diaper changing tables for babies and charging ports.The washrooms are disability friendly.I took countless selfies in the washroom,blame it on  Paris Orly airport.



The Wi-Fi connection is impressively fast and there are phone charging stations too for different types of phones.

Thank you for reading.

In my next post,I will share how my flight on Norwegian airlines went.

Love,Esasina xoxo

5 thoughts on “My student-friendly travel adventure.

    • Hiii Rosie,just get a nice wallpaper,get colourful sticky notes and use office pins or cello tape to stick them to the wallpaper.Write your plans, prayers,goals and paste them on the wall.Feel free to add what you want to.It’s your wall Rosie!! Do it and send me photos okay! Much love.


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