The beautiful rose with thorns

On a daily basis,there are a billion and one things that can crash my spirit, but I make a conscious decision to smile everyday no matter what.

On days when the common kitchen is dirty because some adults can’t clean up after their mess,

On days when I go for interviews and I am assured by the employer that I’ve got the job but,no one gets back to me or replies my emails,

On days when I want to be physically present but it’s only the phone that keeps us connected,


On days when I am out in the cold and  have to wait  20 minutes for the next bus,

On days when the Wi-Fi  in my room has a mind of its own,

On days when I want to shop but my bank account is not supporting the vision,

On days when I need a hug only my Mummy can give,

On days when I need a massage but end up in bed with none,

On days when I run for the tram or bus and watch it literally move away,

On days when I am reminded that I am  black “Noire”, thank you for stating the obvious,

On days when the skies are grey and not even my spirit is gay.

On those days…

I talk to myself,

Act out a play,

Look in the mirror and make faces,

Tell myself jokes and laugh out loud,

Turn up the music and dance,

Listen to a sermon,

Crawl into bed and sleep,

Read a book,

Go for a walk,

Or  prepare a Ghanaian meal.

It’s great to travel,don’t get me wrong but there is another side to being away from home.It is like admiring a beautiful red rose from a garden,breaking it off from its shrub and getting your finger pricked.

My rose is worth holding and admiring despite the blood I see oozing from my finger,that’s exactly how I feel.


I did not see all these coming,but I am glad I went through this season. I have settled down beautifully  in France,too bad I will be leaving soon but truth be told,France has toughened me up.

I thought I was tough enough until the storms started to wage,I have learnt to smile through it all.

I have learnt to soldier on even when I don’t feel like it.

Believe you me,I am a better person thanks to highs and lows,the discomfort and comfort.God has also been faithful,for that,I am grateful.

I look forward to saving and going on many more trips,it is worth it all!

Thank you France.


4 thoughts on “The beautiful rose with thorns

  1. Thank you so much for such a beautifully honest piece!
    I admire your positive attitude and your inner strength!
    Life was never meant to be easy, its how you deal with the lows that dictate your highs!
    Keep doing you 🙂


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