I have met many great people,discovered amazing opportunities and built lasting bonds via social media.

Social media is a great tool,but there are some trends I find irritating…




Gentleman or lady, if I find your account fascinating, believe you me, I WILL FOLLOW BACK!

It is pretty annoying to see such messages in my inbox or on my wall.

I just hope that people will learn to allow me to at least choose who I want to follow or not on social media.


Secondly, when someone accepts your friend request or follows you back it does not automatically advance you to being best friends with the person.

Learn to develop friendship over time.

It’s amazing how strangers send a “hi” every time they see me online or out of the blue, go on and on about their day and what they ate without me asking.

On the contrary,I have had strangers open up to me because of a Facebook or blog post I shared.I appreciate that a lot; when people are encouraged or inspired by something I post or share.It’s humbling.


Next,you don’t need my mobile number to keep our Facebook or Instagram friendship going.

Some friendships are better cultivated on just Messenger or via direct messaging. Whilst some friendships have had Messenger and direct messaging as their foundation and progressed from there.

Please if you ask for someone’s number and the person declines,do not be offended.It is in your best interest sometimes,most people are more reserved in real life and keep to their inner circles only.You can’t  have everyone’s mobile number.


Lastly,please put a stop to this one 😦

Immediately someone accepts your friend request, don’t send this.

“I love you Baby Girl.Be my woman.”


Please why?


Why do you want this to be the first message you send to me when I don’t even know your name.

It’s awkward for some of us to see such messages flood our inboxes.


I hope things change for the better in my inbox and yours too.Thank you to all those who encourage me and give constructive criticism in my inbox.


Esasina. xoxo.

15 thoughts on “KINDLY FOLLOW BACK!!!

  1. 3no na meente ase3 no!!! Eeiiii….I don’t know if they are stalkers or what?! Really beats my mind…..sooo frustrating……You couldn’t have put it any better…..👏👏


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