International Babysitter

Hi my lovely readers,Gosh!! I have really missed you all.

So here you go!!

Spring break started on 10th April and trust me,I had nothing special planned.I got a call from the mother of the baby I babysat in December and she asked if I could come to Switzerland to babysit​ her son.

It was a 6 hour bus ride from Nancy to Strasbourg and then to Switzerland.I love the countryside and beautiful view of nature.The fields are ready for planting  and the flowers are flaunting their colourful petals.The cattle are grazing in the fields.Spring such a beauty!


I got to Switzerland and I was given directions to a hotel.At the reception,I was directed to the hotel room.God knows I love children,but babysitting in a top-class hotel in Switzerland is something I didn’t see coming.

I get to sleep in a top-class hotel in Switzerland for three days with breakfast,get paid for babysitting, babysit an adorable little angel and read when he falls asleep.

God has custome-made answers to the prayers of His children,I kid you not! My friend said I am an “international babysitter.”…Lool! I am glad for the opportunity to work in a comfortable environment and to get paid doing what I love during my spring break.

Happy Easter from the International Babysitter…Lool. Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!


Esasina xoxo

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