My trip to Paris-Nice 2017.

Hiiii my lovely readers, I am super elated about today’s post. I hope you enjoy reading it.

I am the Ghanaian girl who loves to travel.When I arrived here in France, I purposed in my heart to travel and explore.I prayed to God make it possible. Fortunately I have a Schengen visa,meaning I can travel to other European countries without having to acquire a visa.

I love France for the number of school holidays it blesses students with.Last year, my Christmas break was for 6 weeks. This week, my winter break began,it is for 10 days.
Last year, I put up a post on Facebook talking about how for the first time,  I was having tombrown (roasted corn porridge) for dinner.After that post, Nana(a highly respected author and chemical engineer) introduced me to two of his African friends in France :Leo and Nii. We all kept in touch from that day.

Nii who lives in Antibes offered to host me in his home. I started making plans to travel to Nice-Antibes.I decided to go through the Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport and then to Nice Airport. It was the most cost effective and shortest option available.I searched online for hotels, hostels and AirBnB’s close to (CDG). By God’s grace,Leo offered to host me in his home.

On Wednesday by 14:30,the Isilines bus arrived and we set off to Paris. The trip was for almost 7 hours with breaks at two different rest stops along the way.It was tiring.

This was my first time in Paris so I decided to use the Wi-Fi on the bus to download  my route.I took screenshots of my route just in case my network failed at the subway station.We arrived in Paris after 21:00.

I walked to the subway station and almost got lost.People were walking briskly towards the subway station which had many exits.The subway station in Paris is like a main river with gazillion tributaries.I am used to the simple transport system in Strasbourg and Nancy,Paris was outrageously complicated,in my opinion.I had to climb fleets of stairs with my heavy backpack through the corridors of the station.

I got on the metro and then cross-checked the stops with the screenshots I had taken.There was no internet service in the underground metro. I watched three men aggressively argue over a seat which eventually neither of them sat on. There was a lot of drama on the metro.

I finally got off at my stop and a kind gentleman helped me find my way to the main road. It was a quiet street .Leo called me and came to get me.

Upon arrival at his home,his wife had prepared okro stew with banku for me. Even though it was after 23:00,I gladly ate the meal and went to bed.

My flight the next day was at 7:30am so I woke up at 4:30am and got ready to leave the house.Leo paid for an Uber ride to the airport for me and gave me a sum of money as a gift. I was speechless, I thanked him and sat in the Uber.God is just Faithful !

In 30 minutes,I was at the Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport. I checked in my backpack and sat down patiently till it was time to board the plane. I felt so proud of myself because that was my first time planning a trip and going through airport proceedings all by myself.

My flight to Nice was for 1 hour 30 minutes.I picked two buses and arrived at Nii’s house. His wife welcomed me with so much love, it was humbling. We had lunch and a long chat about life. In the evening,we had Omotuo (rice balls) with palmnut soup.

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