When Our Backs Were Against the wall…

This year,will end in four days but I just thought I should share what my year has been like.

I had the dream of going to study in France and by God’s grace,this dream materialized

even though my passport had expired,

even though I did not know where the funds would come from,

even though I applied late for admission,

even though my accommodation delayed,

even though my Mummy blasted me many times,

even though I almost gave up,

even though I left important documents at home on my way to the airport,

even though I cried the most this year,

I literally saw God make way for me in the dark tunnel,

He gave me enough light to see my next step and I trusted Him all the way to the end of the dark tunnel.

This year has been tough but God has been there,He never left my side.

I have learnt to trust God and to praise Him in the storm.


Photo Credit Gerard Nartey.

I really think Travis Greene got a vision of what God was going to do in my life this 2016 and that inspired him with the song “Made a Way.”

I mean,I am speechless when I think about how far God has brought me this year,I am a child of God just like you but I cannot stop thanking God for how good He has been to me.

I don’t know how God brought all this together,this is a huge testimony and I will not stop sharing it.God knows the frustration,disappointments,tears and pain I went through.

It was tough,but Romans 8:18  “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.”

This year has been great despite all the challenges I faced.

Leaving Ghana to study in France was a miracle from God.

The tears and trials did not end when I got to France,the reality of living alone and away from everyone I love hit me hard,too hard.

God brought two incredible Ghanaian families my way,God bless them richly for opening their home to me.

Living alone in a foreign land is not a bed of roses but it teaches you a lot.I have learnt to book trips and to travel alone,I have learnt to manage my money and time,to spend more time with God and to enjoy my own company.

I have learnt to be content with the quality of Whatsapp calls because that is the only way I can get in touch with the people I love.

I have learnt to arrive at bus stations and train stations and to find my way around places I have never visited (my phone is not amazing so I can’t use Google maps.)I love the ease with which I move in airports,train and tram stations alone,it is a feeling I cannot explain.I have learnt not to panic even when I get lost.I am bold enough to ask people for directions when I am lost.

I have learnt to cope with the weather and I do not complain when we hit negative degrees.I am getting used to the cold.

I am also working my way around new recipes and appreciating French cuisine.

Shout out to my friends from school,church and my hostel.Thank you for being there.

I still cringe when someone passes by me with a cigarette,I don’t think I can get used to that.

I doubt I will ever get used to seeing a couple make out passionately in public.I see people do that on a daily basis,(I am not kidding).

I started this blog a month ago and I am thankful for all my readers and all those who have been encouraging me.

There are just many things that I have learnt from living outside Ghana.

I thank God for my family and friends who still pray for me even though I am out of sight and we don’t talk that often.I love you all and “I miss you” is an understatement.

I am standing here only because God made a way for me,God is faithful,forever faithful

2017 will be full of testimonies for us all,

God will give us strength in times of trouble,we will smile at the storms and the whole world will testify to the fact that GOD IS FAITHFUL TO HIS CHILDREN..!! Amen.



18 thoughts on “When Our Backs Were Against the wall…

  1. Read lots of Blogs…but just sincerely, if there was gonna be another Bible after this life is Ended, your Writings will give people Hope and help them Trust in God… Mountains are Moving…


  2. Cigarettes and PDA! France’s best characteristics😂😂😂. God really has been faithful to you throughout the year. He’s a really amazing father!


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