I dedicate this post to all who have been bereaved recently or in the past.
It hurts…
I know but I pray God consoles your bleeding hearts.
I pray for the family and friends of Verma Marie Annan.
I also pray that God comforts Yaa Boatemaa Adjekum and her family.
I still miss my Daddy and cry occasionally but He is in a better place and The Holy Spirit is my Comforter.Amen.


My Daddy in a casket.

Do you know pain?
Pain is when the strongest man you have ever known lies down helpless and weak on a hospital bed in the Cancer Unit at  the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital.
Pain is when the man who takes you on road trips becomes bedridden.
Pain is when you see your hero feeble and in excruciating pain.
Pain is when you spoon feed your Daddy because he cannot feed himself anymore.
Pain is when you see death knocking on your Father’s door.
Pain is when you pray for God to take your Daddy to heaven.
Pain is when you see your Daddy’s dead body in a casket.

A family portrait of the Kodjo’s.

Do you know pain?
Pain is when you see your talkative Daddy lose his ability to speak.
Pain is when you see tears in your Daddy’s eyes.
Pain is when you do not recognize that tall and muscular Daddy,
Because an illness has changed him into someone you do not recognize.
Pain is when Daddy smiles and says “You look beautiful my daughters,” even on his hospital bed.
Pain is when your heart breaks daily because Your Daddy is slipping away.

My Daddy,The Love of My Life!!

Do you know pain?
When you have gone on your knees to pray for healing for the Love of your life.
When you have asked God for a miracle,but seeing your Daddy hold on to his bed sheet and crying out in pain,
You say “God take him home safely.”
Pain is when you(the last born) sit down with your Daddy’s doctors and ask when all the medicines,injections and  blood transfusions will end.

God comforts His children.

The epitome of it all…
The day before he died,I was by his hospital bed reading out his favorite Bible verses to him;Psalm 23 and Romans 8.
He partially lost his sight and speech in his last days so,he could barely see me.
But as I kept reading the Bible verses to him,
I felt his hand grab me strongly into a long embrace.
I said to myself “Oh Daddy,this feels like a good bye hug.God No!! I am not ready for this.”
It was hard!!
It is easy to type “my deepest condolences.”
It is easier to type “it is well.”
It is also pretty easy to put up the person up as your display picture and ask “why are you gone?”
Those are thoughtful gestures.
But honestly,I think the least you can do is to say a sincere word of prayer for the bereaved family.
Prayer always helps.
Prayer has kept my Mummy,my sister and me to this day.

My big sister and me  reading our tribute to my Daddy in  April,2012

When I say I am a living testimony of God’s Faithfulness I mean every word of it.
Life is full of ups and downs.
We are all travelers on this earth.
We are here for a purpose.
We will not be here forever.
Whilst it is day,let us work,
For night cometh!

In all things,give thanks to GOD!

“And now,dear brothers and sisters,we want you to know what will happen to the believers who have died so you will not grieve like people who have no hope.For since we believe that Jesus died and was raised to life again,we also believe that when Jesus returns,God will bring back with Him the believers who have died.”
1 Thessalonians 4:13-14

49 thoughts on “PAIN IS WHEN…

  1. Pain is when you have to watch your “Super mum” slip away.
    Pain is when your “Super mum” needs assistance in basic things like bathing and chemo/ radiation seems to be doing more harm than good.
    The pain dulls with time though it never leaves completely. The tears come for me too even after 11years.
    I can relate dear. I can relate too well.
    O! but the Lord IS our comforter. Where will we be without HIM?
    Regards to Maa Dor.

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  2. Esasina, I have just read your post and you couldn’t have said it any better. God is indeed our comforter and he has been FAITHFUL. I thank God that he gave you the opportunity to go through all that with Daddy so that TODAY you can share with us what PAIN is. Mine was just taken away by accident just within some hours when I was only 13 and TODAY the 6th of December marks the 26th year since he passed on. (I just accidentally chanced on this post). Rev. Nat Okraku, continue to rest with your maker. The PAIN is still fresh as if it just happened. I just wiped my tears.
    Truly, SinaKodjo GOD IS INDEED OUR COMFORTER; he has been good and continues and will continue to be good.
    Keep up the good work my dear.
    God bless you.


  3. You just took me back to last year when I lost mine. Sorry about your loss though and keep writing!

    We will follow every step of the way! Bless you, Padi


  4. Reblogged this on gracelarbi and commented:
    Truly a prayer is always the key….God continue to make you strong….lost a childhood friend whom I call a sister and just some 3+ yrs down the line she’s in my thoughts only for me to be told, we lost her mom sunday evening (who by the way has not been well since the demise of my sister -friend).

    God keep them resting in His bossom for us!

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  5. There is so much to share that I don’t really know where and how to start. It got emotional reading through your post- the scenes were so vivid, the replay was so real that I connected to the narrative almost dropping tears- it took some effort to realize I was “merely’ reading.

    I saw your dad confined to his “narrow bed” in the Sakumono (Hope) Presby chapel that fateful night (that preceded his burial) and I must add that he lies just a walking distance from my house down there at Odumase-Krobo.

    I connected (from a distance) to the man Peter Maugbi Kodjo in many ways. 1. We were/are both Presbyretians and indeed he was topmost of my list of favourite ministers. 2. That he was a Krobo who did pride in his root, much as I do made him an instant role model. 3. That he was a fan of local (meaningful) Krobo names as reflects in the names he gave you two made me admire him unreservedly. 3. That my father, and indeed one of my brothers bear the name PETER KODJO made his name ring a bell in my house literally on daily basis. I can go on and on and on.

    One question is top of mind and you must answer me, hahahaaa, what is that make you two (the kodjo sisters) write so well, dragging readers effortlessly from start to the tail end of your articles/pieces. Your sister does same like a “magician” and that’s just amazing/overwhelming.

    You two are making your parents and Klo proud- your mum must be happy and trust me, the old boy (Pieroo) will be beating his chest where he is now and priding in being the man behind these stars.

    I’ve left you a thesis to read (lol), no further addition now
    I shall return hopefully
    Cheers from a Krobo brother

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  6. Pain too has got beauty
    The beauty of Pain is His healing
    And that we know when our lives here in life is over
    Our healing hearts will meet the Lord and He will point to us…see them..your love ones have waited so long for the eternal hug.


  7. God bless ur soul….u captured this so beautifully!!!!…and i recently lost my trust me, i know how this feels…that prayer is the best prayer you said to God..He is in a better place….thanks for sharing and keep them coming

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