Say “I love you” when you know you really will keep loving me.
Say “I love you” not because we get along and everyone else thinks we are THE BEST COUPLE.
Say “I love you” because even after that heated argument we had,you realize we both want this to work.
Say “I love you” because even when I do not laugh at your dry jokes,I still listen all the way to the end.
Say “I love you” because even when it is not a candle-lit dinner date and it is just a walk to buy roasted plantain,we both look forward to spending time together.
Say “I love you” when distance,time and all the odds have been against us but the love we share keeps burning.
Say “I love you” because as a teenager I did not meet up to your “standard”..neither did you meet mine..

1.She must know how to play the piano,saxophone and bass guitar.
2.She must be petite.
3.She must be in her Church choir.
4.She must love birds,
5.She must be an introvert.
6.She must be fair

1.He must be more than 6 feet tall
2.He must have dimples
3.He must have 6 pack abs
4.He must love photography
5.He must love travelling.
6.He must be well-built

But as we grew up,we realized there was more to marriage and relationships than meets the eye.

Say “I love you” because even though we have our differences,we still try to make it work.

Him; How was your day,Kwor?

Me; My day was amazing.I finally bought the nude shoes from Payless and there was mega traffic to Legon. The meeting with my colleagues went really well and I think we will start working on the project soon.Guess who I bumped into at the car park? I saw Mike,he is in Ghana for holidays so we should probably visit him soon.I am home now,drinking water…lol and Facebooking. How was your day?

Him; That’s cool.So much going on for you today:).My day was long and tiring.

Say “I love you” because though I seem to be hardcore and tough,I am just like a coconut:hard cover,soft inner flesh.
Say ” I love you” because you know I have heard it too many times and believing it is hard these days.

Say “I love you” because this time,it is not about being just your girlfriend.
This time,you want me as your wife,you want us to start a family together and grey together.

I have heard too many empty “I love you’s” but I know when the time is right,
I will hear “The I Love You” which walks hand-in-hand with Christ- centered love,commitment,patience,endurance,hope and peace.
It will not be a bed of roses but it will be a journey He and I will make with Jesus leading the way.
Can you just hold on with your selfish desires and say “I love you” because you are ready to commit this time?
And not because you want to have sex and not put a ring on it.
Let’s Hold on!!!

Sometimes we say “I love you” too soon and get people weak in their knees…
Can we do things differently this time?
Can we wait and hold on a bit longer?
If we will,then God will really help us.


Photo credit:Gerard Nartey                                               Models: Greg Nartey and I






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